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Vaginica Seaman TV Personality Of The Year Campaign


In the Uk version of this years “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here” there was a contestant called David Gest. David amused viewers by telling remarkable stories about his life.

One of the stories that amazed viewers was the claim that David had a maid called Vaginica Seaman.

This is what David told his fellow contestants:

“Her mother said if she had a girl, she would name it after her body part.

“My maid’s name is Vaginica and she married a guy called Harry Seaman

Nobody knew whether this story was just a lie or not, but to this day David claims that it is 100% true.

Now Vaginica has become a bit of a cult idol in the UK, despite the possiblity that she does not even exist.

Our goal is to try and get Vaginica Seaman to win a TV personality award. With enough help this could go down in history as one of the most amusing pranks in internet and TV history and we NEED YOUR HELP!

If we get 1000 people to subscribe to our campaign then we will try and enter Vaginica Seaman into some TV personality of the year awards.
There are two things you can do to help make Vaginica Seaman an idol for many years to come.

1) Help spread the word about our Vaginica Seaman campaign. Link to us from forums, blogs, myspace sites, e-mail your friends and tell them about our campaign.

2) Subscribe to our petition below. If we can get enough people to subscribe then the TV awards will have to take us seriously. We will also keep you updated via e-mail on how our hilarious quest is doing.

Help Make Vaginica Seaman a Star

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  • diana g // Dec 5, 2006 at 2:56 pm

    i have met vaginica she is very nice lady with a wealth of talent she hoovers like no one i have ever seen.. she does this via her over accentuated nozzle. her ironing technique is achieved by sitting on a pile of crinkled clothes and farting this releases a large amount of steam, which as we all no has an amazing anti wrinkling effect.. of course she does not apply this talent to david gests face as we can all see..but the most endearing thing about her is her total lack of understanding that vaginica and seamen dont mix..

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