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Jeff Goldblum in GQ

August 30th, 2014 · No Comments

Jeff Goldblum has chased dinosaurs, turned into a fly, stopped an alien invasion, and lived aquatically—all while becoming a jazz pianist, an internet phenomenon, and maybe the best-dressed sexagenarian we know. He sits down with GQ’s Lauren Bans to talk style and life.

Jeff Goldblum in GQ
Photo Credit: Peggy Sirota/GQ
Sweater, $250 by Diesel Black Gold
Watch by Montblanc
Glasses by Garrett Leight


On if he’s thinking about kids: “No,” he says, but then his eye twinkles again. “But, you know, they are cute, aren’t they?”

On diamond rings: “I like something…modest, un-bling-y, anti-bourgeois, should we say? More bohemian, artist.”

On preparing for his roles: “I am, as you may have heard, meticulous about preparation,” he says. For The Fly, he captured a house fly in a plastic bag and studied it for weeks. Before doing Adam Resurrected, he asked director Paul Schrader to make a list of movies for him to watch. Schrader gave him sixty; he watched all of them.

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