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Celebrities Playing Bingo

October 26th, 2013 · No Comments

Celebrities like to have fun playing games just like everyone else, and many of them turn to bingo for a good night of fun, including a lot of celebrities well known for for their fashionable style. They may decide on a quiet night in and play Paddypower bingo online, or go out to a local bingo hall, but they are having a good time either way! Here are some of the celebrities that like to unwind with a night of bingo, who you might be playing with online and not even know it!

Kate Moss: Kate has settled down from her wild ways earlier in life that came along with her modelling career, and is now known to play bingo at home with her children and close friend Sadie Frost.

Kate Moss

Catherine Zeta-Jones: This famous actress is an avid bingo player, having played since she was a girl in Wales. She even has her own set of balls and cards, and plays with her family ever year at Christmas.

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Robbie Williams: Robbie frequently plays bingo with his bandmate Gary Barlow, even posting about it on his personal website! He has also held bingo nights to raise money for charity because of his love for the game.

Robbie Williams

Russell Crowe: This famous actor was actually a bingo caller before he made it big, though he was fired for making raunchy calls to amuse himself! Despite this bad experience, he is still a big fan of the game, and is known to frequent bingo halls from time to time.

Russell Crowe

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