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Russell Wilson in GQ’s NFL Issue

August 20th, 2013 · No Comments

Breakout Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is featured in the September issue of GQ. The rising star talks with GQ’s Zach Baron about his devastating playoff loss to the Falcons (“As a competitor you just have to move on,” he says), and—in an additional behind-the-scenes video interview—shares his belief that the Seahawks/49ers rivalry is the best in the NFL, that Seattle has the loudest stadium in the league, and more. Afterwards, Wilson shows guys how to pull off a fall item that has been revamped by contemporary designers: the fisherman’s sweater.

See highlights from Russell Wilson’s interview and behind-the-scenes Q&A here, view a Behind-the-scenes video here, and visit to visit the full feature.

Russell Wilson in GQ
Cardigan, $565 by Chop Wood Carry Water. Tank top, $42 by Splendid Mills. Jeans, $70 by Gap. Watch by IWC. Cap by New Era. Shoes by Alden.

Russell Wilson on how much he’s dwelled on his playoff loss to Atlanta:
“None.” He says. Really? “As a competitor you just have to move on.”

…on the Seahawks versus the 49ers:
“Seattle and San Fran? Definitely the best rivalry in the NFL right now.”

…on playing in Seattle:
“Seattle’s reputation of being the loudest place in the NFL is definitely true. It’s even loud for me on game days, and sometimes I can’t even hear the plays.”

…on how he plans to follow-up his successful rookie season:
“A lot of rookie quarterbacks who had great seasons their first year come back to earth their second season. I think the best way to avoid that is, number one, ignore the noise. Ignore what the media says, what everybody says about you. Just continue to work hard. Also, just be very, very consistent. Be consistent in my approach, be consistent in games and practice. And the final thing: just be clutch. When the game’s on the line, give me the ball and let’s play ball.”

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