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Chrissy Teigen in GQ

June 21st, 2013 · No Comments

Super model Chrissy Teigen shows off her absolutely stunning looks in the July issue of GQ, baring it all (quite literally) for the magazine. Known best for her swimsuit modeling and for her engagement to singer-songwriter John Legend (whose new album hits stores this upcoming Tuesday), Teigen has also won the hearts of many for her dirty jokes on Twitter & Instagram, and for generally just being a foulmouthed, sharp-edged wiseass complemented by a legendarily bonkers body. Teigen gives GQ a taste of it all, and, following her sexy photo shoot, sits down to chat—sharing some valuable insight on where to meet a girl, how to impress her, and more.

Chrissy Teigen in GQ
Photo credit: Thomas Whiteside/GQ
Velvet slip by Marc Jacobs

For GQ’s photo shoot, interview, and behind-the-scenes video with Chrissy Teigen, go to now!

Photo shoot & Interview:

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