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Chris O’Dowd in GQ

May 25th, 2013 · No Comments

After his memorable role in Bridesmaids, Chris O’Dowd became a bit of a Hollywood powerhouse, scoring parts in movies and TV, including leading roles in the new animated film Epic (out today) and HBO’s Family Tree. He seems to have the right mix of funny and good looks that women find adorable: the ladybloggers have even started referring to him as a big “teddy bear,” but he begs to differ (”I’m a big hulking brute of a man!” he says).

For GQ’s June Comedy issue O’Dowd poses for a boozy karaoke-style photo shoot and opens up about his love life, talking about the many marriage proposals he’s received, sharing preferred pick up lines, dishing on his most awkward bedroom experience, and more.

Chris O'Dowd in GQ
Photo Credit: Art Streiber / GQ

Check out the rest of his photo shoot here, plus his web exclusive video interview at

Chris O’Dowd on being labeled a “teddy bear”: “I’m a big hulking brute of a man! I just need an opportunity to show the violence within me!”

…on crashing at Jason Segel’s place while he filmed in L.A.: “We’d do lunch a lot! And we’d take baths together. You know, so we don’t use so much water”

…on the deluge of marriage proposals he received after Bridesmaids: “I said yes to eleven, but only two of them came through.”

…on how he can make people laugh: “Nudity is the quickest way to make someone laugh. And it’s not because I have weird junk or anything. But I have a very specific type of pubic hair.”

…on his most awkward bedroom experience: “You know, looking back, the funniest thing that has ever happened to me in the bedroom… When I lost my virginity—there was a lot of fumbling—we were in the dark, and I was kind of drunk. My only memory from the whole night was ‘Oh, this hurts!’ [Laughs] ‘No! It won’t fit in there!’ So. Good for me.”

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