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GQ’s Knockout of the Year

November 22nd, 2011 · No Comments

Mila Kunis is hot, funny, and cool, and that’s why she’s been named GQ’s Knockout of the Year. But did you know that she has a cure for the common cold? GQ writer Michael Idov hangs out with Mila just as he loses his voice and is suffering from a cough, and Mila comes to his aid with her own remedy concoction to help him get better (a bottle of Cabernet Franc, green-tea powder, two gelcaps of fish oil, apple-cider vinegar, Ayurvedic chai, and vodka, all boiled in a sauce pan). The knockout also discusses growing up in the USSR, getting into acting, and her profession. You can see why they chose her in this pic:

Mila Kunis in GQ
photo credit: Terry Richardson/GQ

See the full article at or read it when the magazine comes out on November 22.

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