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Men’s Clothing Sales for Labor Day Weekend

September 2nd, 2011 · 1 Comment

With fall right around the corner, a new school year starting up, and a long weekend in front of you, it’s a great time to do some shopping. As usual, when I shop, I look online for the best deals and to see what is in style, and I found some great mens clothing sales at both online stores and brick and mortar stores looking to bring in shoppers over the holiday weekend.

I am looking for some slacks, shirts, and a jacket for my man, and found some great deals on weathered boot cut jeans and relaxed jeans that will look great on him, along with a couple pairs of nice dress slacks. Next, I found a beautiful light gray wool overcoat that should fit in with the trends towards more sophisticated and luxurious looks shown in this fall’s fashion shows, and a double-breasted tweed jacket. Finally, I bought a sweater with a nice Nordic pattern, a couple crew neck shirts, and a solid, brown collared shirt.

Here are my favorite pieces of clothing that I bought:

Men's Tweed Jacket
Men’s Tweed Jacket

Nordic Print Sweater
Nordic Print Sweater

I hope you take advantage of some free time this weekend to do some shopping for yourself or a friend. I certainly got my weekend off to a great start! Let me know what you think of my choices, or share your own fall shopping experiences.

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