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Back to School Fashion Tips for Girls

August 29th, 2011 · No Comments

With children, teenagers, and young adults all getting ready to head back to school, it seemed like a good time to look at the fashion trends for women and girls this fall so you or your daughter can be ready to look your best in class. In general, girls’ clothes appear to be more modest and more grown-up this year than they have in the recent past, which should be a relief to most parents, but a more feminine look is also in, which should appeal to younger girls.

According to many reports, retro clothing is still selling well, along with skinny leggings and fake fur and leather. Bright colors are also in, with red, orange, and yellow seeming to be the most popular. Of course, girls will continue to show interest in clothing worn by celebrities and models shown on TV and online, but there are plenty of fashionable options that should appeal to both the student and the parent.

For example, here’s a set of 2 dresses and leggings designed for younger girls from Tea Collection that are very fashionable for the upcoming fall season. It is available for $98.00 at their online store.

Girls Dresses and Leggings

It can be difficult to find clothing that is fashionable, reasonably priced, and acceptable to both the child and parent, but it is possible to follow the trends for the season while staying within your budget and finding clothes that are acceptable to wear to school by shopping online.

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