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Find Out What the Celebrities are Wearing

August 10th, 2011 · No Comments

I have found a new site that is really useful for people that are interested in celebrity fashion, Fashionbase.

Fashionbase provides a database of celebrities, designers, and clothing, and merges them all together in an easy to use and attractive format. I really like that I can click on the name of one of my favorite celebrities, like Kim Kardashian, and see recent photos and a list of her favorite brands, I can click on individual celebrity photos and find out what brands were used to make up an outfit I like, or I can click on the name of a designer I like and see who is wearing it.

While the entire site is very useful, I think my favorite part is the way they have listed brands so I can see who is wearing clothes and accessories from my favorite designers, and get ideas for how I can put together new outfits or new clothes that would look good on me and in my closet. If you sign up for an account, or sign in using your Facebook, Twitter, or Google account, you can even request more information about individual pieces of a certain outfit or upload your own photo to analyze, which I think is very helpful.

Whether you are looking for a hot celebrity photo, information on what famous people are wearing your favorite brands, a breakdown of a outfit that you saw a celebrity wearing and would like to duplicate, or just like to browse a large database of fashionable pictures, Fashionbase is the site for you.

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