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Botoxicated: 6 Celeb Spottings

May 1st, 2011 · No Comments

1.) “Just saw Billy Crystal on Jon Stewart. Whoa botox overload!” – James

2.) “Just saw
Simon Cowell drive down Harley St in a Bugatti… Maybe he’s goin in for some botox & a neck lift” – jourdanrl

3.) “Just saw Simon Cowell on @AccessHollywood or at least I *think* it was him. Hard to tell between the plastic surgery and the Vaseline lens” – venomouskate

4.) “Just saw Heidi Montag on the Red Carpet. She’s had more botox than Colonel Gaddafi. #Oscars
#tweetthejoke” – jerryketel

5.) “Joan Rivers is at the Ny Gift show! Her face,
close up looks a little plasticy but then again, why am I surprised?” – ideegeniale

6.) “Just seen
Simon Cowell and his ‘Mrs’ in Harrods, he really does look like his wax work. That’s not a compliment to Tussauds btw. #botox” – paulswift

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