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HP Will Make You a Star

October 26th, 2010 · No Comments

Have you ever wanted to be on a billboard, ride around in a giant limousine, and attend parties with the in crowd? Of course you do! Living the life of a celebrity is very glamorous and a lot of fun, and HP has created an easy way for you to look like something special and share it with your friends.

HP will help you feel like a star, and you can win a laptop along the way! They have come up with this really cool app that will embed photos from your computer or Facebook account and put you in the shoes of a real celebrity. It put my name in lights, put my picture on the cover of magazines, and led me through adoring crowds, just like you see on television at movie premieres, which was really exciting and made me feel like someone very popular. The only problem was dealing with all of the paparazzi!

You can watch my video below, and you can star in your own HP- Be A Star video if you follow that link, or you can use the app at Facebook to star in your own video.

Also, please send us your video by copying the link at the end and post it in the comments so everyone else can see how fabulous you really are. If we get enough submissions, we will give a laptop away to the person whose video we like the best, because we want to treat you like the star that you are!

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