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Cosplay Ideas for Halloween 2010

August 5th, 2010 · No Comments

Halloween is fast approaching. If you want to be a head turner at the
Halloween party, avail yourself of a styled costume to highlight your humor
sense. Let your imagination run wild and dress up your stand-out Halloween
look for fun! This article will release some cosplay ideas for Halloween 2010 for inspirations.

Avatar is a real hit this Halloween

Avatar cosplay costumes will be a blockbuster this year. The blue faced
creatures have become a hit and will definitely make their mark on Halloween
parties everywhere. Festive, entertaining and fun, Avatar cosplay costumes
will enable you to make the same as the characters in the movie who have
struck a strong chord with its viewers. Why not just go for a very hot &
form-fitting “Neytiri Sexy Avatar Costume” & “Jake Sully” used together
to make a great couple Halloween costume? The Avatar make-up and wigs are
just the finishing touch.

Furthermore, Avatar themed Halloween night would be also a sparkling
idea. The planet Pandora will enable both young children enjoying their time
out trick or treating and the adults seeking for some adult entertainment in
the form of a costume contest. Add some great movie graphics and remind your
guest the exciting film with Avatar supplies like cups, napkins and plates.
Just tie everything together to make Pandora scene and its inhabitants pop
up this Halloween. To avoid getting exhausted with seeking for cosplay costumes and cosplay wigs, purchase pre-made items directly, from a reliable supplier. Great fun will come along.

Cosplay characters from Horror Movies for dark humor

If you want a modern, creepy and classic Halloween costume, try costumes
inspired by Horror movies. You will get noticed in an instant and have some
real laughs. How about being Michael Myers, who is one of the most eloquent
examples? Having popular among people of ages for years, Michael Myers
costume for Halloween is known for its dark and sinister connotations. This
the Halloween perceived as the evil spirits will come to life. Never
overlook the mask, the overalls and the kitchen knife characteristic to
Michael Myers, which will look very threatening and scare many people in
darkness of the Halloween night. You can also choose Jason Voorhees to cosplay. You will have a great time with these costumes inspired by horror movies if you have a dark side to your humor.

Be Geisha to look different this Halloween

If you are looking for something different to dress up, an adult geisha
costume is a perfect outfit. Elegant and striking, a geisha costume will
stand out from the other fancy dress outfits at any event. And a geisha-like
appearance will make you eye-popping from all the many spooks and witches
that are seen every Halloween.

What the geisha wear is usually a crafted kimono, which has a big bow at
the back of the sash or obi, around the waist. The white facial make up with
bright red lips should never be ignored. The hair pulled back in a large bun
is also a finish for such a charming geisha look. The geisha is always
versatile in musical instruments playing, conversation, tea art, poetry,
etc. To be a geisha girl, it will be amazingly different from others at
Halloween night. And Geisha costumes are actually easy to come by if you get
some tricks. Go for cosplay costume stores like, which
offers you excellent cosplay costumes, wigs and accessoires on lower prices
and free shipping. Anime in Japan is so prosperous and worldwide people are
passionate for cosplaying the characters and many of female characters wear
very beautiful kimonos, which can be money-saving choices.

Other Classic Halloween Costumes

Any character in movie, anime, fiction, and even myth that you like can
be great idea to cosplay, indeed. If you are an avid NASCAR fan, choose from
NASCAR costumes of male or female versions for all ages. 2010 trends are
some classic Halloween appearance-werewolf, the Fiona of Shrek, Private,
Playboy, Alice in Wonderland, Wizard of Oz, Greek Goddess, colorful clown,
Ghostbusters, etc. A rainbow of imaginations can be satisfied this

Act early and sleep soundly knowing that you've had a huge selection to
satisfy your imagination and as Halloween approaches you are ready to shine,
scare, or seduce the festive night, making great memories with family,
friends, and or love ones. Make sure you act fast to come up with the right
booty so you too can treasure your Halloween experience.

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