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‘Sex And The City 2′ Will Be An Old-Fashioned Surprise

April 12th, 2010 · No Comments

Sex and the City 2 seems like it would be reliable enough. It’s the sequel to a movie based on a TV show, so the format is pretty well established. Co-star Willie Garson, who plays Stanford Blatch, gave it an intriguing twist when he described the new adventure of Carrie Bradshaw.

“I think it’s like a wartime comedy,” Garson said. “It’s like a Bing Crosby/Bob Hope road comedy and I think people will really respond to it. I know the fans will love it. I hope that we bring in some more. Who knows?”

The first Sex and the City movie gave all the series regulars an equal part, and the supporting guys had their scenes to shine. Garson said he has a bigger part in the sequel.

“Much bigger. It’s very equitable. The world is about the girls and then the guys each have their thing. A big centerpiece of the movie just happens to be me but it’s just by chance.”

By now, Sex and the City 2 seems like a sure thing. Garson assured the fans that nobody involved takes it for granted. “We are never egotistical enough to think [it’s a blockbuster]. It will be what it will be. We make it for the fans. We made the last one for the fans and they really surprised us. So we have no expectations ever. I think this one is really fun.”

Sex and the City 2 opens May 27.

Sex and the City 2

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