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The Rules of Attraction – Tracy Cox helps you decipher his messages

February 12th, 2010 · No Comments

The Rules of Attraction

Just in time for Valentine’s day:

Relationship expert Tracy Cox helps you decipher his messages and tells you what they really mean.

February is the month of love and therefore the month which can lead to the most confusion when it comes to the opposite sex. We often feel like we get mixed messages from guys. How many times have you gone to your friends with a text or a Facebook message, crying “what do you think it means?” or been confused over the kisses on a text he sent back “he usually puts three and today it’s just one?” It’s questioning like this that leads to us women going slightly loopy.

The world of digital messaging can be a complex and rather daunting prospect, especially when it comes to working out what he really wants and if he’s really into you. From looking at his tagged pictures and knowing when there is nothing to them, to when to text him if you haven’t heard back after a date. We can become fixated with the “right rules” and end up worrying whether an incorrectly timed response can ruin any chance we had.

Lucky for us, we have the holy grail that we have all been waiting for, our very own relationship expert Tracy Cox. She has teamed up with to give you a master class in the world of digital communication, so that you can understand his messages and in turn understand him a little bit more.

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