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Famous Relationship Guru Jenni Trent-Hughes Gives Her Tips on Dating

February 4th, 2010 · No Comments

Famous Relationship Guru Jenni Trent-Hughes Gives Her Tips on Dating

His & hers modern dating clinic

Any questions about dating in the 21st century – ask them and get the answer with famous relationship guru Jenni Trent-Hughes.

Chat date:
8th February 2010

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The internet may have made it easier to find new singletons that are just right for you, but that doesn’t mean dating has got any easier. If anything, it’s harder.

Fortunately there are some people that seem to know exactly what to do in the modern dating world. Whether you’re a newly single girl who isn’t sure how to separate the freaks from the geeks, or a guy who wants to know what little gestures will melt her heart, from presenting her with Lindor LINDT chocolates or a bouquet of flowers – this live WebTV show will have everything you need to know to ensure you’re not single this Valentine’s Day.

And if you’re already in a relationship but need a helping hand, don’t worry! Life coach and relationship guru Jenni Trent-Hughes is here for you too. Send your question in now or tune in live to ask her for tips and advice on guaranteeing the perfect Valentine’s date.

Jenni Trent Hughes joins us live online at

on Monday 8th February at 14:30 to discuss modern relationships

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Joe Jonas to Guest Star on Brothers & Sisters

February 4th, 2010 · No Comments

Joe Jonas to Guest Star on Brothers & Sisters

Today 2:18 PM PST by Kristin Dos Santos

Balthazar Getty, Joe JonasABC/Michael Desmond; Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Did you ever think to yourself: Joe Jonas bears an uncanny resemblance to Balthazar Getty?

No? Well, apparently, the producers over at Brothers & Sisters have, because, although there’s no official word yet from ABC, inside sources tell me Joe will be playing a younger version of Balthazar’s character, Tommy, in a two-episode flashback arc that focuses on the history of the Walker family.

So who else has been cast as the other Walkers? Well, you’ll never guess who Rachel Leigh Cook is in contention to play…

A young Nora Walker, aka Sally Field.

According to sources on the show, Cook has auditioned for the role, but no final decision has been made on young Nora’s casting. Also in the running for Nora are Courtney Ford (known as Trinity’s illegitimate daughter Christina from Dexter and Brandon Routh’s real-life wife) and attention Grey’s Anatomy fans, Nora Zehetner (who played Stinkerbell on season one of Heroes and who is now Alex’s love interest on Grey’s). What does this mean for Alex’s future love life at Seattle Grace? Hmmm…

Kay PanabakerAngela Weiss/Getty Images for Pantages Theater

According to sources, Kay Panabaker, most recently seen in Fame, will play a young Kitty (Calista). Anna Wood will play Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), and Kasey Campbell will play Kevin (Matthew Reis). Pretty awesome resemblance if you ask me.

I’m told quite a few hot guys are lining up in the hopes of playing the show’s dearly departed patriarch, William Walker.

Who would you like to see play the rest of the Walkers? Anyone you think the casting peeps may have overlooked? And are you as psyched about this episode as we are?


Thanks to Eonline.

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