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Jane Street-Porter “The Power Of Positive Thinking” Web TV show

January 26th, 2010 · No Comments

Jane Street-Porter “The Power Of Positive Thinking” Web TV show

Positive Thinking Can Do Wonders

Watch this live WebTV show to find out how positive thinking can help you, with Britain’s uber-moaner Janet Street-Porter, who is changing her ways

Chat date: Monday 1st February

Chat time: 2.15pm

Us women are well known for our penchant for moaning and our attitude for complaining. Whether it’s the cold weather, men problems, work or general health, we’re used to putting a negative spin on things. And February is one of the worst months of the year for moaning. Yet, how can we get out of the habit of complaining and start looking at things more positively?

Small things like eating healthy or doing exercise have a huge impact on your mood, releasing endorphins that help fight pain and stress and help you feel great. And by feeling great, you have much less of a need to gripe or whinge and are a far more positive person.

Janet Street-Porter is the UK’s most famous complainer, but while she may be able to handle Gordon Ramsay and the jungle setting of “I’m a Celebrity”, she’s still definitely one to have a moan. On this live WebTV show she will explain what she’s doing to reduce her complaining this February and how you too can think positive.

Tune in to find out what the positive impact of a positive mental attitude can be.

Janet Street-Porter and Amanda Ludlow, Head of Sales and Business Development at Benenden Healthcare Society join us live online at on Monday 1st February at 2.30pm to discuss positive mental attitudes.

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