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Brits follow formula to make their own luck in 2010

January 14th, 2010 · 1 Comment

Brits follow formula to make their own luck in 2010

Four out of five Brits will use the power of thought and a positive mental attitude to ensure 2010 is luckier than last year. That’s according to a new report from which shows a full 84% say avoiding a negative outlook will improve their odds.

It seems the over 50’s are the most likely to use positive thinking to influence their luck, with a score over 5% higher than the national average. But however much we’re going to be ‘thinking ourselves lucky’, it seems we’re still a superstitious lot. Over a fifth (22%) of people hope a charm will work for them and a similar amount rely on lucky numbers (18%).

Surprisingly, commonly cited ways of bringing luck on yourself seem to have waned in popularity. Only five per cent believe a four leaf clover will do anything for them and even less (2%) see the value in a so-called lucky rabbit’s foot.

Thankfully, while superstition evidently still plays heavy in our minds there is room for more practical ways of thinking. Over a third of us (36%) believe hard work will bring us good luck. conducted the study to find out what the nation thought after noticing interesting habits from their users once they had enjoyed a win; such as always playing at that same time of the day, sitting in the same place in the club, or using the same coloured dabber. They’ve even invented a formula factoring in aspects like positive thinking, patience and an adventurous spirit to help improve your luck during the year:

Being luckier all year = PMA + (365 X -N) + (52 X R) + (12 X +N)

PMA develop a positive mental attitude to life.
-N become less negative to little everyday occurances (one a day, all year long).

R take time to reflect on the week and to think about things. Make it a new year’s resolution to allow 15 minutes each week to stop and let your mind mull over the past few days. You’ll find ideas and memories will pop into your head that enable you to take more chances and invite luck your way.

+N once a month make an effort to try new things and explore new places – even if it’s just doing the weekly shop in a different supermarket. Accept the next unexpected offer, or even invite neighbours you’ve never got to know properly in for a new year’s drink. You never know what’s around that next corner!

Chartered psychologist, BBC3’s, Felix Economakis, says: “With 84 per cent of us already thinking positive this year, we’re on to a winning formula. Although we’re a superstitious lot, there is no real mystery to ‘thinking yourself lucky’ in 2010. A luckier life is achieveable for us all. Having a positive mind set will enables us to keep an open mind. Grabbing opportunities as they arise, keeps us looking on the bright side when bad things do happen.”

Regardless of numbers, it seems we do still adhere to some old wives tales.

According to the report, four in ten of us (37%) admit to touching wood to bring ourselves luck, around a third (30%) still believe finding a penny is lucky and a similar amount (28%) feel lucky when they see a shooting stars

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L’Oreal: The Six Big Looks For 2010

January 14th, 2010 · No Comments

L’Oreal: The Six Big Looks For 2010

According to beauty giant L’Oréal, consumers will keep spending on make-up in 2010 but are becoming more experimental with their looks. According to their research, the following six looks are the must-have looks women will be choosing in 2010

1.The Bold & Dramatic

Women will opt for bolder colours and a more dramatic look as they define themselves in the face of prolonged economic uncertainty and show how they are going to kick back.
Dramatic looks from the fashion shows this season saw strong eyes and lips becoming the in look for makeup, out with the pastels and in with the bold! This look, a favourite with Pixie Geldof, will make you feel empowered and strong – great for a night out on the town but equally wearable as a classy make up look during the day.

The recommend products to pull off this look include:
· shu uemura, Painting Eyeliner – Night Blue

· Lancôme, Hypnôse Noir Hypnotic mascara – Expressive Black

· Maybelline New York Color Sensational lipstick – Fatal Red

· L’Oréal Paris Roll On True Match Foundation – Rose Sand

2. The Bright & Fabulous
Subdued colours are set to give way to bright and fabulous colours this year according to make up and style experts – another clear demonstration that the girls are back in town.
Don’t be scared to experiment with colour as there is always something out there that will suit your colouring and style. Experiment with statement eyes, lips or even cheeks but remember not to do all at once or it could be colour overload….. Take a leaf out of Lily Allen’s look she wears strong bright eye colours and still makes them look very girly.

The recommend products to pull off this look include:
· Maybelline New York, Eye Studio Mono in Lagoon Blue and Intense Green

· shu uemura Vinyl Unlimited lip-gloss – Orange 556

· Lancôme Pink Punk and Black Palette – 4 Ombres Wet & Dry

3. The Blonde and Playful

Blonde is back with women opting for a more feminine, natural and fresh-faced look in the first half of 2010. This look is suitable for those who don’t want to make a statement with their makeup but prefer to make the most of their natural features. Actress Sienna Miller is a great example of someone who pulls off this look with the minimum of effort.
To pull it off, hair will have that sun-kissed look – soft, natural and healthy. To complement the look, you need a light make up which enhances your features – a sweep of natural mascara, a hint of colour on the cheeks and a slick of gloss and you are good to go…..

The recommend products to pull off this look include:
· L’Oréal Paris Excell 10 -10.1 Lightest Frosted Blonde

· Lancôme Color Fever Gloss – Roses

· shu uemura Glow On Blush ~ Cheeks- Highlight with base control gold, contour cheekbones, temple and top of forehead with Bronzer in light

4. The flutter for fun look

Lashes have become such a strong look within the makeup industry, following from celebrities like Lady Gaga and Girls Aloud in 2009. Sales of false lash mascara are already up more than 25% and 2010 is set to be the year of the lash with the beauty industry anticipating further growth as women embrace a more defined and dramatic look.
Lashes are such an easy way to update your makeup bag and also very cost effective: a pair of lashes will last you approx 10-12 uses so something that will cost you as little as £12 will last you a long time. This look gives an instant change to the face, and the style of your makeup. You don’t have to go for the dramatic lashes they are such a wide variety on the market that you will always find a pair that suits your look.

The recommend products to pull off this look include:
· shu uemura Farfillina false eyelashes

· Yves Saint Laurent’s False Lash Effect Volumizing mascara

· Maybelline New York Volum’ Express mascara

Hot tip: every time you purchase a pair at shu uemura they will apply them for you complimentary for as many times as you bring them back to store

5. The fashion fused
Fashion meets fragrance in 2010 as L’Oréal experts predict more women will be shopping for fragrances to truly complement their fashion favourites. Hot brands like Diesel and Stella McCartney are successfully fusing clothes and fragrance and enabling people to ‘wear’ their brands in many different ways and are ones to watch this year.

The recommend products to pull off this look include:
· Clothes – whatever your style

· Shoes – dig out a pair you’ve not worn for ages and try matching it with a new lipstick or nail varnish

· Fragrances – Nude by Stella McCartney, Diesel Only The Brave

· Giorgio Armani Rouge d’Armani lipstick

6. The hidden worries look

For a lot of women 2010 is still about masking the worries of the recession and pressures at home and work. The popularity of foundation is set to reach dizzy heights with the market for foundation growing six times faster than the overall cosmetics market. Celebrities like Anne Hathaway, who never steps out without a perfectly flawless face, know that women’s secret weapon in 2010 will be their F Factor – a flawless foundation that hides the stress and money worries.

The recommend products to pull off this look include:
· Maybelline New York, Dream Creamy Foundation in Light Porcelain

· Garnier Tinted Eye Roll On 2 in 1 anti dark circle care

· L’Oréal Paris Touche Magique concealer

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