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Jean Jeanie Learn how to love your jeans again

January 13th, 2010 · No Comments

Jean Jeanie – Watch this video to learn how you can love your jeans again!

Over the years we all go through various clothing styles but jeans will always be a permanent part of our wardrobes. Whether they’re skinny fit or bootcut, high waisted or flared, there’s a certain style that suits every one of us.

But as time goes by our body changes shape, and we’ll find that we don’t feel as confident in our favourite pair anymore. What once used to fit so well and look so good has become a pair of trophy jeans – something we aspire to get back into, one day in the future.

Research by Kellogg’s Special K shows more than one in three women have a pair of these trophy jeans and they act as an incentive to get in shape. For some girls, fitting into these jeans again is more important than their best friend’s wedding or even winning the lottery!

So whether you’re not sure what type of jeans suit you, simply want to get back into your old favourite pair or you’re still holding onto those goal jeans that need a bit of fixing up – watch this video for top tips from Elisabeth Wilson, wellbeing expert.

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