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Jo Hansford talks about Miracle Hair Dye Pill!

December 19th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Hair to Dye For- With a miracle hair colour pill on the horizon, scientists develop breakthrough to restore ‘hair virginity’ for British women

What if you could take a single pill to change your hair to whichever shade and colour you desired? While this might seem far-fetched right now, the reality could be closer than you think – as scientists make giant leaps in hair colour technology that could change millions of women’s hair regimes.

Us women have been reduced to emotional wrecks by the state of our hair, from trying to achieve the right hair colour, to the right cut and style. Having luscious locks is what we all dream of, the media obsession with celebrities add to the strain, as there is a constant stream of A-listers with bouncy manes hitting the front pages on a regular basis. Fear not though, as a new hair breakthrough could give you the condition you have always dreamed of.

A new treatment has just been developed that is able to bring hair back to its pre-colour condition for the very first time. Billed as one of the biggest landmarks in a century of hair colouring, it has taken 100 scientists and experts years of research to discover the breakthrough formula for ‘INOA’ – the ammonia-free product which turns hair back to its natural pre-coloured condition and colour, without altering its molecular structure or retaining the ammonia odour.

Celebrity hairdresser Jo Hansford, the “First Lady of Colour”, whose clientele include Elizabeth Hurley, Nigella Lawson and Natasha McElhone says, “By having no ammonia the colour lasts longer and leaves your hair in a better condition. The lack of ammonia also means INOA is odourless, making the salon experience more pleasurable.”

According to new research by L’Oreal, even in the current recession, having our hair coloured is one of the key things that we British women are refusing to cut back on – sacrificing gym memberships, make up and even our wardrobe before we risk showing the world our roots or a few strands of grey

Right now this treatment is only available in salons, but where will the future of hair care lie? Could we soon be adding highlights with a special comb? Go from straight to curly by taking a special supplement? Or get rid of those grey hairs once and for all with a single pill!?

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