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Live Web TV show with Love Doctor Gian Gonzaga

December 7th, 2009 · 1 Comment

Love is…

If you’ve ever had any questions about love and relationships tune in to this live Web TV show with Love Doctor Gian Gonzaga

Chat date: Tuesday 8th December
Chat time: 14:00pm

Have you been single for as long as you can remember? Do you have your eyes on a crush but aren’t sure if you’re right for each other? Or is your current relationship looking like it is going nowhere? If so, you’re not alone.

Love is arguably one of the most complex things in life and although we all want that special someone, finding Mr or Mrs Right can be tricky business. And once you’ve found them, it’s not always plain sailing – making your relationship work and stand the test of time is no small feat.

With so much to learn about love, we could all benefit from our very own specialist to show us how to get it right. Step in world-renowned relationship expert Dr Gian Gonzaga. eHarmony’s Dr Gonzaga has spent decades studying the components for a successful relationship and has the power to tell you in just 10 minutes whether you and a potential partner have a long-term future together.

So if you’re single, dating or divorced, the man with a hand in 2% of all marriages in the USA* is here to answer anything you ever wanted to know about love and can share his expert know-how on finding the perfect partner.

Dr Gian Gonzaga joins us live online at on Tuesday 8th November at 2:30pm to discuss finding true love

To submit questions before the show go here:

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