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Top Autumn / Winter Fashion Buys

November 10th, 2009 · No Comments

Top Autumn / Winter Fashion Buys

White Rose has created National Me Day, giving women across the UK the perfect excuse to be a little bit selfish and indulge in their perfect pampering pastime

Christmas comes just once a year but shopping for it can be a somewhat lengthier process. For many it will involve tackling the Circus which is Oxford Street in a bid to find the best in festive fashion, which can be enough to drain the festive cheer out of even the most seasoned of shoppers. And with new research uncovering that women rely heavily on shopping as a key form of self-pampering do we need to adjust the way we approach this most favourite of pastimes? And more importantly where we choose to do it…

The research released this week examines the power of shopping as a source of everyday happiness for women with over half (53 per cent) saying it’s the one form of self-pampering they could not live without.

Retail therapy tops the table as the most indulged in activity, with 51 per cent saying it’s the only thing that makes them feel good about themselves. Our twenties appear to be the decade of indulgence with more than half (52 per cent) claiming it is the age at which they spend most time pampering themselves. Somewhat disappointingly, when we reach our forties we tend to give up – only six per cent of the women surveyed said they spend time and money on any form of self-indulgence.

Celebrity stylist, Bradley Taylor, added:

“A spot of self-pampering is a necessity, especially in the busy and stressful run up to Christmas. As the research highlights, an overwhelming 43 per cent of women claim that if they don’t feel good about the way they look and feel, they struggle to enjoy themselves.

“It’s great that the White Rose has created National Me Day, giving women across the UK the perfect excuse to be a little bit selfish and indulge in their perfect pampering pastime.”

For a number of years the North has been moulding a reputation as a serious contender for our fashion capital with a number of department stores opening their doors and offering up a fashion fix for clothes conscious Northerners. And this Saturday The White Rose Shopping Centre seeks to combine our love of retail therapy and pampering with the launch of National ME Day –because let’s be honest what’s better than a bargain to boost our happiness levels.

Top Autumn / Winter Fashion Buys:

With winter now on the approach, there is no better excuse to buy more and more to keep you warm… or at least that’s the explanation I give my bank manager!

Once again The White Rose Shopping Centre has filled itself to the rafters with fab party wear and super stylish looks for this Christmas! Here are my top five:

1. Warehouse Spotlight Collection all over embellished dress (£150.00). Perfect for adding sparkle to your Christmas party wardrobe.

2. Oasis big shoulder leather jacket (£150.00). Cool, stylish and looks like its cost a bomb! Plus the big shoulders are perfect for making your waist look smaller.

3. Top Shop ostrich feather mini skirt (£75.00). Bang on trend and a statement piece. Wear it with a simple vest and tiny jacket to look HOT HOT HOT.

4. Debenhams Red Herring red military jacket (£75.00). Military is a massive trend for winter and this jacket has it all. The red will throw some colour into this usually black look

5. Monsoon Solita maxi dress (£180.00). A stunning dress and the empire line will slim you down no matter what your size. Accessorise with a pashmina or bolero cardigan for a perfect party look.

To find out more about the fantastic new Autumn/Winter 2009 collections available at the centre, visit:

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