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The Secrets Behind the Way You Hold Your Drink

May 29th, 2009 · 1 Comment

The Secrets Behind the Way You Hold Your Drink

Ciara Jansen ex Hollyoaks star, talking about how to meet a guy at the bar.. all in the way you hold your drink

Can the way we hold a wine glass really say something about us? Are there key body language clues that we can pick up without even talking to someone?

When meeting new people – especially ones we are attracted to – we can do with as many pointers as possible. So if you seem to always attract the wrong kind of guy, it could be down to the way you hold your drink. We’re hoping this guide will be helpful…

Holding a glass by the bowl may say one thing, but suggestively stroking the neck of a bottle would put across a very different message. The way we lean into the glass, hold it to ourselves or whether we take short sips on our drinks could make all the difference.

Hollyoaks actress Ciara Jansen talks us through the main types of drinker. Is he a ‘Playboy’ or a ‘Fun Lover’ and how do you come across to him – ‘The Flirt’, ‘The Gossip’ or ‘The Ice Queen?’ Click here to work out if you’re meeting the right people!

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