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Celeb stylists Ceril Campbell and Lee Kynaston offer advice on looking good

October 7th, 2008 · No Comments

Women, get confident!

Celebrity stylist and image consultant Ceril Campbell helps women to build their confidence

Click below to watch celebrity stylist and image consultant Ceril Campbell offer her advice on improving your confidence and offering some simple tips to help improve your hair condition.

With our magazines constantly displaying images of skinny celebs, quick diets and the latest technology to turn-back-the-clock, it’s easy for women to feel pressurised into looking good and as a result, having low self confidence.

But apparently it isn’t wrinkles or body shape issues that women are most worried about but hair loss. Rarely spoken about, hair loss affects one in seven women. From hormonal changes post pregnancy or menopause, even stress, bereavement or simply a diet or lifestyle change can all affect a woman’s hair growth.

If you are facing the fact of loosing your hair than don’t panic, the Sinead O’Connor looks isn’t your only option!

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