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Anna Friel hires a British nanny so her daughter grows up with an accent like hers

January 22nd, 2008 · 1 Comment

Anna Friel hires a “Northern” British nanny so her daughter grows up with an accent like hers.

The Brit actress moved to Los Angeles two years ago with Harry Potter star David Thewlis and their two-year-old daughter Gracie, she’s just signed a new six-and-a-half-year contract with hit US TV series Pushing Daisies which comes to ITV this spring.

The star, who’s originally from Rochdale, has employed a nanny from the North of England so Gracie doesn’t forget where she comes from.

She told Closer magazine: “I know my roots and where I’m from – I’m northern and I always will be. Now Gracie’s talking with northern mannerisms. She’s like: ‘Eh up, Mummy doesn’t like it like that, Mummy likes things neat int trailer.’ She’s adorable.”

Anna admits she was homesick when the family first made the move but she now dreads the thought of coming back to the UK.

She adds: “I want Gracie to be settled and that means we’re staying here for now – she’s going to be in school soon. I need to let her have time to grow.”

Read the full story in Closer, on sale now.

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Jordan look-alike Gabriele Randone, gets her breasts enlarged just as Katie Price has hers removed.

January 22nd, 2008 · 3 Comments

Jordan look-alike gets her breasts enlarged just as Katie Price has hers removed.

A Jordan look-alike spent £8,000 to have her breasts enlarged just as the real Katie Price had her implants removed.

Gabriele Randone from Eastbourne, East Sussex, had surgery to create a whopping 32FF bust in order to look more like the glamour model but Jordan has since had her trademark assets reduced from 32FF to 32D.

Gabriele Randone

Speaking to Closer magazine Gabriele said:

“I couldn’t believe it when, just weeks after my bandages came off, bloody Jordan went and had hers reduced. It’s sod’s law – but I love my new boobs and I’m keeping them.”

Gabriele, 22, spent years of sadness and insecurity over her body images, following a traumatic sex attack she suffered seven years ago. Aged 15, she was raped by a taxi driver after a night out with friends.

Worrying she was to blame for attracting her attacker, Gabriele began wearing baggy clothes to cover her curves and even coloured her blonde hair jet black.

When she was 19, Gabriele met finance Nick Burnett, now 29, who helped restore her faith in men. She says: “I told Nick about everything, from the rape to my self harming, and he supported me. After we begun dating, he’s cuddle me when I felt like cutting myself and tell me he loved me whatever happened. Slowly I started to grow out of it and take control of my life.”

After repeatedly being mistaken for Jordan, Gabriele decided to have a boob job with a view to becoming a full-time look-alike. She took out a bank loan for £4,000 to pay for her first enlargement boosting her boob from a 32B to a D in May 2005.

“Everybody said I looked like Jordan, so I decided I’d try to use that to make some money. I’d seen the Posh and Becks look-alikes in magazines and had read it earned them a good living.”

“I bought some underwear recently and a shop assistant said: ‘Pete will love that’. I told her: “I’m sure he would, but he’ll never see it! Some people have been bitchy about me trying to be someone I’m not. But I’m not one of those freaks who actually thinks they’re a celebrity. I know I’m a nobody. But what’s wrong with sometimes getting to paid to feel like a somebody.”

Before she could find work following her surgery, Gabriele fell pregnant with her son Sam, now eight months. In November last year she decided to increase her bust to 32FF as she felt childbirth had left them saggy. It cost a further £4,000 and it was paid for with another loan. A few weeks later the real Jordan flew to LA to have her boobs reduced to a 32D and her nose refined.

“My nose was always much smaller than Jordan’s, so we aren’t too different now, says Gabriele. “And luckily I’m naturally slim – I don’t diet or exercise. I’m 5ft 5 and a size 6, just like her.”

Jordan tried to book Gabriele to appear on her and husband Peter Andre’s ITV2 show Katie & Peter: Unleashed . “She wanted me to go on her chat show and mud-wrestle a Peter Andre look-alike, but I still had the stitches in my boobs from the op and I couldn’t risk damaging them. I was gutted.”

Read the full story in Closer on sale now.

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