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Paul Potts – Celebrity Of The Year 2007 |

December 31st, 2007 · 2 Comments

Paul Potts – Celebrity Of The Year 2007 |

Paul Potts

It is that time of year again – the time when reveals its Celebs of the Year!!

And this years winner – Paul Potts was a real unknown this time last year – indeed when we made our first post about the amazing Paul Potts – Celebrity Opera Star, we never for one second thought his success would be on the level it has turned out to be. can I believe claim to be one of the first sites online to mention / rate Paul Potts and while his success is in no way down to us, we are very proud to have been one of the first sites to recognise his undoubted TALENT and genuine, down to earth personality.

Well Done Paul – We love and Salute you

In less that 7 months, Paul has gone on to be one of the most commented celebs on our site – with as of the 31st December 2007, 301 comments in total – inc 254 comments for his original Pre-Celebrity Post at: Paul Potts – Future Celebrity

Other Top Commented Stars in 2007 include:

Johnny Depp – 299 Comments Johnny Depp’s Daughter In Hospital

Spice Girls – 261 Comments Spice Girls Tour


Jared Leto – 167 Comments Jared Leto Gets Beaten Up By His Own Fans

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David Spade gets lucky with Jenna Fischer

December 31st, 2007 · No Comments

David and Jenna

Just shoot me, if you don’t agree, but I adore David Spade. He’s that scrawny, short guy with an amazing sense of humor who managed to get himself romantically connected in Hollywood headlines with the likes of Kristy Swanson, Lara Flynn Boyle and Heather Locklear.

Now he’s reportedly making time with the recently separated star of “The Office” - Jenna Fischer.

[From Star Magazine, print edition, December 31, 2007]

Jenna Fischer plays the second wife of singer Dewey Cox in the comedy Walk Hard, which is currently out in theaters. She said that she completely ripped off Reese Witherspoon’s character in Walk the Line for the role. She blogged about the film on her MySpace right before its December 21 release date, and said that working on it was a “dream come true.” As for the content of the film, she praises her co-star John C. Reilly professionalism and warns that the film “is very raunchy and sexy and the humor is hard core,” and that “ladies, we have penis.”

Blah, blah, blah.

All I care about is the fact that David Spade is once again getting busy with another Hollywood honey, which just goes to show that the ‘marital clean-up’ guy never finishes last. Especially when that guy has a one hell of a great personality.

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