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Jamie Lynn Spears – A Teen Mom Speaks Out!

December 22nd, 2007 · 3 Comments

Teen Mom Defends Jamie Lynn Spears’ Future

“I would never change my decision to keep my daughter.” — Donna Krech

Jamie Lynn Spears

In the same year that Jamie Lynn Spears (sister of Britney Spears ) was nominated for the coveted Favorite Television Actress at the Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards, she announced she is with child. And the world is reacting to the implications of her actions. But, one woman with a similar story is coming to Jamie Lynn’s defense.

Donna Krech was only a teenager when she found out she was pregnant with her first baby. She was not married and was shunned by her peers who were having abortions themselves.

“They judged me for bearing a bastard child at such a young age, but I knew that I was created for more in my life. Now, people pay me $3000 an hour to give them advice on life success.”

Krech is now a millionaire, an entrepreneur, an author and most of all a loving mother of two. “Who knows what Jamie Lynn’s purpose in life is? She could give birth to the person who is going to cure cancer. I know that if I would have listened to the judgment around me, I would not be a millionaire giving out advice.”

Krech says when she heard the news of Jamie Lynn’s pregnancy at 16 years old, her heart went out to her. “I don’t condone Jamie having sex at 16, but I don’t think that the world should label her. The Spears girls need faith and support right now. I know if I could get through a teen pregnancy, an abusive marriage and a divorce and get to the place I am now, anyone can.”

The truth is people focus on what they believe in so if Jamie Lynn believes that she is not worth taking care of, then she will struggle to find success after this baby arrives. But, if she focuses on what she was created for, she will make a difference in life.

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