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Celebrity LA Weight Loss | Will Kirstie Still Call Jenny | The best kept secret in weight loss

December 18th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Celebrity LA Weight Loss | Will Kirstie Still Call Jenny? | The best kept secret in weight loss

This post submitted by Billi Hazle

Will Kirstie Ally and Valerie Bertinelli keep the weight off if their Weight loss program folds?

Kirstie Ally

Weight loss industry heavy hitters are dropping like flies!

In a matter of weeks, one of the largest money makers in the $46 billion weight loss industry will no longer exist. 350 Pure Weight Loss, Inc, (formerly LA Weight Loss) locations will close for good. According to a current employee, it’s not just Pure Weight Loss that is closing up shop.

And with a clear link to Jenny Craig, (Fav weight Loss Guru of Kirstie Ally and Valerie Bertinelli) the weight loss industry heavy hitters are dropping like flies.

In 1985, Jenny Craig quit working for NutriSystem to begin her own weight loss company. Non-compete claws in her contract restricted her from launching her company in the United States so she opened her first location in Australia. The only difference between NutriSystem and Jenny Craig is the name. They both require food to be bought and eliminate a real change in lifestyle. Instead they make their members heavily rely on the company itself.

So, what does Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, Pure Weight Loss and L.A. Weight Loss have in common?

One man, Harold Katz. Katz founded NutriSystem then founded L.A. Weight Loss which split to become L.A. Weight Loss and Pure Weight Loss. Jenny Craig is a replica of NurtriSystem. So if L.A. Weight Loss and Pure Weight Loss are leaving their members high and dry then who’s to say that Jenny Craig is not next?

Kirstie and Valerie better watch out, they may get burned by a company that only has the bottom line in mind. They should consider finding a life long solution to weight gain instead of one that requires thousands of dollars in food. Now, we all know they are representing the company and probably get free food and extra cash with pounds lost. But, the average Jenny Craig member does not. The average member pays thousands of dollars and just like L.A. Weight Loss may not get the results they are paying for.

Is weight loss worth the penny? Well, it depends on what company you let lead you on the journey.

I think I found the answer in a company that is tucked away in the heart of America. Buried in the 45,000 population town of Lima, Ohio lives the thriving home office of Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution, a division of Donna Krech and Company, Inc. The philosophies of success are not based on money, but on results. 30 year fitness and weight loss industry expert, Donna Krech has a different approach to weight loss than any of her competitors. She says her mission in life is to cause the world to realize the cure for obesity in the hearts of the obese. Sound like an oxymoron? It’s not! And Krech has the numbers to prove it! Million of pounds have been lost by hundreds of thousands of people all over the globe. She personally reaches into the minds and hearts of every person she comes in contact with and helps them find what she calls the “Powerful Why;” that passion, that burning desire that gives people a will to live a successful, fulfilling life. She helps them find their worth! In that worth and in that passion lives motivation that will surpass all diet supplements and all fat free snacks. “It’s not about the Food” says Krech. “I am so tired of weight loss companies that say you have to eat their food and live their life. You don’t! You can live your life and succeed at what you want to do, doing what you love to do!”

About Celebrities – Donna Krech Says:

It would appear that most weight loss companies are tied together with celebs endorsing the eating of pre-packaged food. Here’s the deal, that’s what got LA into trouble. My expert prediction is this—- these celebs will absolutely, no if’s, and’s or but’s… gain their weight back. More celeb mention???? Notice how many times Oprah has lost and regained. The reason is simple. When the focus is on food, the weight comes back. When it’s on the stuff that matters in life, and the focus stays there, it stays off.

And Krech’s plan works!

30 year old Adah Ellerbrock lost 54 pounds in five months just by identifying her motivation and focusing on it daily. Now, Adah says her entire life has been transformed, “If life is distracting you and instead you’d like to be achieving your goals, spend time with Donna!”

Oprah’s Oxygen Network producers called her “the best kept secret in weight loss” after the debut of her Fitness Insider television show. The Success Training Network airs another Krech show called “The Victory Principle.” Though Krech has an internet presence, thriving seminar programs to teach people one-on-one and has become a celebrity in the world of weight loss, fitness, overall health and motivational speaking, she is determined to provide a solution for life success. She posts words of encouragement on on a regular basis to help people keep the focus and with over 200 locations all over the globe distributing her Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution program, her mission is being accomplished.

So this New Years don’t give up your resolutions and don’t be a statistic.

92% of people who set resolutions do not achieve them. This year, find the solution that will last a lifetime instead of losing thousands of dollars only to be faced with a closed sign on the door, lose those inches and the pounds!


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