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Britney Spears’ Visitation Rights To Remain The Same

December 14th, 2007 · No Comments

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Kevin Federline’s lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan is furious that Britney did not show up for her deposition on Wednesday. He takes issue with Britney being too ill to appear in court, but she was able to party later that evening. Kaplan is petitioning the judge to not allow Britney to increase her visitation rights or request a revision in custody

Why is Britney acting like she cares more about her pet(s) than her own kids?
One day, she’ll run out of twinkies to eat and fried chicken to munch on and she’ll realise how much shes lost *sigh*

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Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn Not Making Nice on Movie Set

December 14th, 2007 · No Comments

Disruptions on the movie set of the romantic comedy “Four Christmases” between co-stars Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn are reported to be getting out of hand.

Reese, the Academy Award-winning/anal-retentive Hollywood princess that she is, can’t seem to handle Vince’s fresh-from-the-club-last-night rough and tumble demeanor when he slogs onto the set in the morning.

She, on the other hand, is camera-ready from the crack of dawn.

Sparks are flying because Reese wants to block every scene and run through their lines. Vince wants to do the scenes impromptu-like and ad-lib his way from start to finish a la “Wedding Crashers” to see where the scene goes.

She’s a one-take perfectionist; he’s an actor who likes to experiment and play around on camera. A source told the New York Daily News, “Sometimes Vince will be standing behind her and he has this look on his face that he just wants to kill her!”

Maybe Reese should try rolling in the gutter with Vince sometime. Who knows, some fiery off-screen action just might make “Four Christmases” a much more enjoyable movie to catch next December.

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Tyra Banks is Addicted to Her Wig

December 14th, 2007 · 1 Comment


Tyra insists she doesn’t have an addictive personality.

She’s reportedly said, “I feel like I’ve been very lucky because I’m not really an ‘alcohol girl’ and I’m definitely not a ‘drug girl’.”

She says she orders wine when she’s out for dinner only so that she will look ’sexy’ holding a wine glass, but she really hates the taste. A sip or two is all she’ll take.

Tyra is adamant that because she doesn’t have an addictive personality, she won’t end up in rehab other stars have the misfortune to suffer through.

On the other hand, she just might – for being addicted to her wig.

It’s been reported the 33-year-old chat show host won’t spend the night with men for fear she’ll have to remove her long-haired wig. She doesn’t want any guy to see her without her hair on in the morning.

Imagine, such a confident woman being afraid to put her wig on the nightstand because her ‘roll-me-’over-’til-the-morning’ date-mate might not call her later.

Tyra, stop being so ridiculous. With your great looks and sexy body, none of these guys will even
notice whether you’ve got your hair on or not!

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Spice Girls opened new Virgin Atlantic terminal at London Heathrow

December 14th, 2007 · No Comments

Spice Girls opened Virgin Atlantic’s new terminal at London Heathrow – GREAT VIDEO!

On Thursday 13th December 2007 the Spice Girls opened Virgin Atlantic’s new terminal at Heathrow.

They were welcomed back to the UK, ahead of their highly anticipated British leg of their sold-out reunion tour, by hundreds of fans who had won the opportunity to be there to greet them. The event was hosted by Vernon Kay.

This was the groups first official UK engagement since they announced their reunion tour in June.

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Celebrities Turning 50 in 2008

December 14th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Celebrities Turning 50 in 2008

AARP celebrates its 50th birthday in 2008 – in the company of some of the most influential rock stars and sex symbols of our time.

AARP The Magazine’s January/February issue is all about the big 5-Oh. We believe that 2008 is the year that will forever change the image of 50. The cover girl for the January/February issue of AARP The Magazine is Caroline Kennedy! Can you believe she’s 50?!

Caroline Kennedy

Most people 50 and above are happy with the lines they’ve earned and and the lives they’ve led. Fifty can mean starting a brand-new career, having yound children and having the freedom to do whatever the heck you want. The last half century has redefined the age and now 50 is the new 50! In honor of AARP’s 50th Anniversary this year, six celebrities dish to AARP The Magazine about turning the Big 5-Oh.

Ellen DeGeneres (January 26) will be throwing a bash on her popular daytime talk show, Ellen, and including some of her signature original dance moves.

Sharon Stone (March 10) avoids sticking to a regular exercise plan and loves dark chocolate, but stays youthful and full of life by staying active fighting against HIV/AIDS.

Michelle Pfeiffer (April 29) came back from her career hiatus to appear in three films last year. The mother of two teenagers also just quit smoking and started using sunscreen to protect herself.

Prince (June 7) is still a prolific one-man band (high heels and pompadour included) perpetually cranking out CDs. The star also launched a new fragrance recently, 3121.

Madonna (August 16), mother of three young kids, will release a new CD this year and mulling a “Madonna at 50” tour next summer. “Madonna’s 50th Birthday Countdown Clock” can be downloaded from the web and applied to your computer’s desktop.

Viggo Mortensen (October 20) just recently became a movie star with his performances in Lord of the Rings and Eastern Promises. The Danish American is also a poet, photographer, painter and fluent in four languages.

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