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Kiera Uses Super Glue

December 8th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Keira Knightley attended the premiere of her new movie Atonement last night in L.A.

Wearing that.

You look at her face and you admire her beauty and then you look down and you see those ‘things’ glued on.

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Brad Pitt isn’t just a pretty boy anymore

December 8th, 2007 · No Comments

Brad Pitt

I used to think that Brad Pitt was a lot like a low-cal lemon chiffon pie – all fluff and very little substance.

Good looking? Sure. Capable actor? Definitely. Humanitarian? Um, not so much.

I’ve since changed my mind after learning he’s responsible for spearheading the Make It Right campaign in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward where he’s actively helping to rebuild homes devastated by Hurricane Katrina. He’s so committed to getting these homes rebuilt that he’s put up five million dollars of his own money for the reconstruction.

Five million dollars.

That’s a lot of Missouri beef stew shelled out by a guy the tabloids enjoy portraying as a rather shallow Hollywood hunk who traded in his four-year, ho-hum marriage to Jennifer Aniston for sexy, sultry movie siren Angelina Jolie when they made “Mr and Mrs Smith” together in 2005. He adopted her adopted children and she gave birth to their own biological love child in 2006.

Here’s a guy who is not only considered to be one of the hottest actors in Hollywood making a bundle with every movie he stars in, but he actually stepped up to the plate to do something that matters.

Who knows, maybe his efforts helping to rebuilt New Orleans will inspire other big names out there to pony up and do what they can to make this world a better place for everybody.

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Rosanna Arquette gets into position to steal some of Paul McCartney’s millions

December 8th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Rosanna Arquette

It isn’t bad enough that Paul is in the process of being taken to the cleaners by his second wife, Heather Mills. His first wife, Linda Eastman, died of cancer in April, 1998.

Now he’s reportedly dating Roseanna Arquette, the three times-divorced-sister of David Arquette married to Courtney Cox of “Friends” fame.

What is with this guy? Does he like being shark bait when it comes to women out to sink their teeth into a juicy mealticket or is it that he just can’t resist getting himself ensnared in another romantic melodrama to keep his name in the press?

Word is that he’s introduced Rosanna to his daughter, Beatrice. Rosanna and Paul are considered to be an item since last August. We’ll see how long this lasts.

Hopefully he won’t say “I do” until he takes enough time to realize he’s far better off saying “I don’t” as he  simply enjoys dippin’ every now and then in the sugar.

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