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The 2 Husbands Online Reality Show

November 13th, 2007 · 4 Comments

The 2 Husbands Innovative Online Reality Show Set to Launch First Season

The 2 Husbands ( ) is a unique fusion of an interactive webshow and reality television. The protagonists, two men, search for their wives-to-be for the duration of the show�s season. The audience will follow the quest as it unfolds, casting votes through the website for their favorite female contestants, and judging for themselves who is fit to be the brides of these two bachelors (one of whom is gay).

The season will culminate in marriage once 500,000 viewer votes have been cast, and two female contestants are chosen. Each will win $50,000 and the man of their dreams. The 2 Husbands combines the familiar television reality show format with the immediacy of the internet: Would-be brides will submit videos and responses online, which viewers can watch in realtime, having instant access to developments as they arise.

As the courtship develops, docu-drama film clips and video blogs will posted weekly to further reveal the lives of Zach Slow and Tanner Shea, our eligible bachelors, and to update viewers on the details of each groom’s thoughts and feelings about the ongoing process.

All of its content will be user-generated: Women will be sending in videos, competing for the audience’s favor and for the hearts of these two men. Viewers will be determining the frontrunners, and eventually which two women will win their man and $50,000. Will they find true love? Who knows. Will there be competition, gossip, backstabbing, and drama like we’ve never seen before?


The 2 Husbands site will launch on Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

This isn’t the first time the internet will be watching Zach Slow look for love. Last year Zach created a website asking UK rap sensation Lady Sovereign on an extravagant date, while simultaneously raising $10,000 to pay for it�purely from viewer donations. Zach�s website ( ) was a smashing success, generating over 3.1 million hits in one month and landing him in Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone, the BBC and numerous other media outlets. Now Tanner Shea joins him in the first-ever fully user-generated reality show.

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