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Spice Girls – Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) music video

November 8th, 2007 · No Comments

Spice Girls – Headlines (Friendship Never Ends) music video

The Official Video!

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Vince Vaughn is as Lame as Ever

November 8th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn’s new movie, “Fred Claus,” where he plays side-kick to Paul Giamatti’s Santa Claus might seem like an effortless comedy hat trick bouncing from “The Wedding Crashers” to “The Break Up” and now “Fred Claus.”  The truth is that this guy as a movie star is a super dud.

Consider how badly he dresses for award shows and movie premieres. Brad Pitt in his taking-Maddox-and-Pax-to-the-zoo casual wear runs blazing circles around this oaf. Even Hollywood paparazzi can’t manage to catch him in anything but stained t-shirts and baggy old pants.

Consider Vince’s dazzling promotional repartee about his latest movie: “”My nephew Dexter saw a (Fred Claus) poster of me. My sister’s really upset with me because he’s four and obviously she wants to keep the Santa Claus thing going. “And he was like, `How does Uncle Vince know Santa Claus? And why hasn’t Uncle Vince introduced me to Santa Claus?’ He thought I was holding out on him.”

Blah, blah, blah. Boring!

Vince needs to learn how to capitalize on his sex appeal as a movie star, plus learn how to talk and dress like one.  It’s sad that the most interesting thing about this guy is that he once shared a bed with Jennifer Aniston and even that isn’t saying much.

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Celebrities, What are They Really Like | Red Carpet Guide Book

November 8th, 2007 · No Comments

Video of The Interview about the Red Carpet Guide Book to Sydney.

By Renae Leith-Manos & Kristy Meudell

Some excellent stuff here and very informative for all us “Mad about Celebrities” people

Sydney, Australia has become the playground of the stars.

From Justin Timberlake to Jessica Simpson, Sylvester Stallone to Christina Aguilera, Jennifer
Lopez to Paris Hilton, there aren’t many celebrities who haven’t
experienced all that the ‘Harbour City’ has to offer.

Find out where the world’s most famous faces choose to stay, eat, relax, work out and
visit while they’re in town. Use the listings and maps to create your
own star-studded itinerary and as you sashay through the city feeling
like a celebrity, chances are you may just run into one!

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Dog the Bounty Hunter Doesn’t Deserve Losing His A&E Show

November 8th, 2007 · 20 Comments

Dog, the Bounty Hunter

Duane “Dog” Chapman’s show “Dog The Bounty Hunter” was pulled off the air by A&E after he uttered the “N” word a time or two in a phone conversation recorded by his son who sold the tapes to a tabloid putting a little of the green stuff in his son’s pocket.

If you think about it, who cares what was said? Dog is a good bounty hunter bringing criminals to justice around the clock, assisted by his wife and his children. If he wants to speak freely and call someone “a nigger” in what should have been a private conversation, I see no reason why he can’t speak freely under the First Amendment and be supported by the media for it.

Instead, he’s now being dragged through the muck and called a “racist”, destroying the good works his show on A&E has been recognized for since its inception.

If you think about it, freedom of speech means freedom of speech. How often throughout history have women been referred to by the “S” word or the “W” word or even the “C” word?

Have TV show money-makers been shut down over such lapses in political correctness where women are concerned? Not once.

Apparently, it’s okay to refer to women derogatorily on TV. It’s considered to be artistic license. But when a man like Dog exercises his First Amendment rights in a telephone recording, he goes down for it?

Something is obviously very wrong with the way we view rights to freedom of speech.

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