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George Clooney Won in 2006 but Who Will Top The Top 49 Men of 2007

October 19th, 2007 · No Comments

The Top 49 Men of 2007

After a two-month period that saw more than one million votes cast, voting for’s Top 49 Men of 2007 has closed. They have spent the last few weeks sifting through the votes and assembling the rankings of the guys that have deemed to be the best representatives of their gender – this year’s manliest men.

More info at:

Last year, the Top 49 Men of 2006 drew millions of unique visits to as readers cast more than one million votes worldwide to award George Clooney first place.

George Clooney also have a popular Top 99 Most Desirable Women feature that runs every January – but for the men the list is 49 ;-)

Check back in on October 23rd, 2007, when the final list will be revealed.

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Jennifer Aniston Could Learn ‘Sexy’ from Angelina Jolie

October 19th, 2007 · 5 Comments


What is it with Jen? 

The media has linked her with hunky guys like Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor and Orlando Bloom since her divorce from Brad Pitt two years ago.

Still, she remains alone.  Could it be that she’s just not woman enough to keep a man? 

In her early “Friends” years, she was one hot chick. Once she married Brad, she became about as sexy as a bowl of cold oatmeal.

Jen, apparently trying to increase her sex appeal to the masses, agreed to participate in a lesbian kiss with Courtney Cox, her best female friend from “Friends”, in that piece of dung called “Dirt” on TV last season.

It wasn’t much of a lip-lock.  As much as the media tried to rouse the public into a feeding frenzy over that kiss, it was ultimately a ho-hum event.

Jen ought to consider taking some lessons from Angelina Jolie, the sultry vixen who stole her husband simply because she’s so hot, so sexy and so downright captivating that Brad couldn’t think of coming back to his marriage after making “Mr and Mrs Smith” with Ang.

It certainly couldn’t hurt.

The way Jen dresses and the way she acts makes Courtney Cox’s brother-in-law, Alexis Arquette undergoing sex reassignment surgery to become female, look like a beauty queen in comparison.  

Jen needs to tap into her own sexuality as a woman and learn how to play the part.  She should sit down and watch early “Friends” episodes to remind herself what ’sexy’ and ‘attractive’ are all about.

Or she can call Angelina who obviously has written the book on the subject.

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Lindsay Lohan is Drinking Again

October 19th, 2007 · No Comments

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan reportedly went back to drinking a few days after leaving rehab. She was spotted downing cocktails in a Utah bar a little over a week following her discharge from the Cirque Lodge clinic after two months spent coping with her so-called alcohol and drug addiction.

So what if she decided to party a little after she was sprung from the crossbar clinic hotel. Obviously the whole rehab trip she surrendered herself to was merely a parent-and-agent-controlled, “I’ll do it because you think I need to” stint as an attempt to salvage her movie star career.

As if her stardom needs salvaging. Lindsay is a talented young lady who will undoubtedly thrive on the Hollywood scene no matter what.

The typical partying of someone her age really isn’t news. It isn’t even that significant. Photos snapped of her passed out after a night on the town? Minor car accidents, tossing her cookies in public? Admit it, most of us have been there, done that on more occasions than we even care to remember.

Pics documenting such lapses in judgment only become that much more laughable over time as we went to work, did our jobs, kept functioning from day to day.

In Lindsay’s case, her partying ways are only news because she’s news. If she was just another Nobody from Nowhere, what she does in her private life wouldn’t make a bit of difference to anyone. She’d survive her own stupidity in private while partying like the rest of us and eventually get her you-know-what together by learning what her limit is.

Linds is reported to begin filming ‘Dare to Love Me’ later this month. The film is expected to hit theatres next year. 

If her agents and parents leave her alone, she’ll gain a pair of sturdy party legs and learn when to say ‘when’. After all, the rest of us have, haven’t we?

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