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Sugababes Video | About You Now Video

October 14th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Sugababes – About You Now

About You Now is the first single from “Change”, the band’s fifth studio album, and the first propper album with member Amelle. About You Now was produced by Dr.Luke [Since U Been Gone, Nothing In This World, Girlfriend] and is a mix of electropop with rockier sounds.

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The Phenomenon | Oprah Endorsed The Secret, Which Celebrity Will Endorse The Phenomenon Featuring Dan Kennedy

October 14th, 2007 · No Comments

Oprah Endorsed The Secret – Which Celebrity Will Endorse Dan Kennedys The Phenomenon

A good friend of – Andrew Lock has tipped us of about this one.

Apparently there is a New “SELF HELP” Type DVD called The Phenomenon™ that is just about to be launched

Just about everyone knows of the success of THE SECRET and in particular the endorsement it has received from Celebrities like Oprah Winfrey – so one wonders how long it will before The Phenomenon™, which it must be admitted has a similar approach of featuring leading Money Making / Internet Marketing / Self Help Gurus as the bulk of its content will also get Celebrity Endorsement

Dan Kennedys The Phenomenon

The Phenomenon™ is all about how to create more income and wealth in just 12 months than in the previous 12 years combined.

On Tuesday October 16th at 2pm or 8pm Eastern, (choose which ever time

works best for you) you’re invited to a zero cost Tele-Seminar that reveals

all the information you need to know about this important movie. Spots are

limited so you need to register fast at: The Phenomenon Tele-Seminar

(there is NO charge to participate except for normal long distance charges).

How is this DVD different from ‘The Secret’. Well, this is VERY different.

This movie is NOT about “thoughts.” It is about what to DO and exactly HOW to do it!

According to Andrew, On the call you’ll learn:

** Why in the business of becoming rich, crawling before you walk and walking

before you run really does NOT work and why patience and persistence are over-valued virtues.

**Breakthrough strategies to dramatically SPEED UP YOUR SUCCESS – at ‘anything’ you want to do.

** THE little-understood, “odd” fact about ‘failure’ that allows people to trigger

The Phenomenon™ and accomplish amazing things even at the worst of times, even when facing great adversity.

** Why even highly successful people live lives of secret frustration –

and how you can break free to enjoy great career or business success

WITHOUT TRADING AWAY your life, family or peace of mind.

** How to escape BOREDOM and BURN-OUT….STOP just ‘going through the motions.’

It’s one thing to make a lot of money. It’s a much greater achievement to be

passionately in love with the way you make a lot of money.

** How to uncover Hidden Opportunities in ANY business: the power to see

what others cannot….to see your own business and your talents, abilities

and worth differently than you ever have before.

PLUS….Just for registering, you can claim a BONUS GIFT worth $613.91 of

actual documented value. Let me be clear, those are real prices, not “made up

numbers” just for this tele-seminar. To register for this ‘no charge’ 70-minute

telephone seminar, go to: The Phenomenon Tele-Seminar

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