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Celebrity Personal Assistant Required | Assistant to the Stars | ABC News

October 1st, 2007 · 4 Comments

Celebrity Personal Assistant Required | Assistant to the Stars | ABC News

ABC News in New York would like to extend an opportunity for you to
contribute to our programming.

Our entertainment show is doing a special segment on assisting the stars
and we’re reaching out to your online community to participate.

Assistant to the Stars

If you could, which celebrity would you like to be a personal assistant
for? Which celebrity would you not want to assist? What would you be
willing to do as an assistant, and where would you draw the line? Send
us your video comments and they may appear on ABC News Now’s “What’s the

Do you own a digital camera? Most cameras have a video function that
allows the user to record 30 second-1 minute videos. Once recorded, you
can upload the video to your computer the same way you’d view digital

Send us your video comments and ABC News Now may include it in their

Deadline: Thursday, October 4th @ 9am.

ABC News is specifically requesting 15-45 second video comments or

1) Via cell phone
Record a 15-45 second clip and email it to:

2) Via the web:

We look forward to hearing from you & thanks again for your
participation. Should you have any questions about this project, email
us back.

We look forward to hearing from you!

~The ABC News “Talk Back” Team

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Avril Lavigne and Fans | 23rd Birthday Party

October 1st, 2007 · 3 Comments

Avril Lavigne and Fans | 23rd Birthday Party – Sharifa Reports

I know Avril Lavigne gets a rep for being a crazy party girl and not
being very nice to fans, but she’s not like that at all. And my
encounter with her on her 23rd birthday in Grand Rapids, Michigan will
totally vouch for that.

After the Sum 41 concert at The Intersection in Grand Rapids on
Thursday, Avril had a small brithday party in the venue with her
husband and his bandmates. We were eventually able to get her a
message that some of her fans were waiting with gifts for her outside
and she came right out. She was absolutely thrilled with the gifts we
gave her and ended up talking to us for over 15 minutes until finally
Deryck told her they had to go because the tour bus wanted to leave.

We have photos up from the encounter here:
Avril Lavigne and Fans | 23rd Birthday Party

I know you’re busy so I’ll keep it short, but just to prove how
considerate she is… We asked Avril and Deryck if we could get photos
with them and they were absolutely happy to do it. So we all got
individual photos with Avril and then the two people I was with took
photos with Deryck, but just as I was about to take my photo with
Deryck, Avril started asking me what I was studying in university so I
missed getting one. Then, when he came back to say they had to leave
Avril asked him to take a picture with me first because I had missed
getting one before! By this time I had even forgotten that I hadn’t
had a photo with Deryck, but she still remembered.

Anyways, it would be really cool if you could talk about the
considerate, grateful, and down to earth side of Avril because at her
core that’s who she really is and it doesn’t get enough coverage.

Avril Lavigne and Fans – 23rd Birthday Party

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