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August 1st, 2007 · 1 Comment

Star Magazine

Wedding Before Jail!

Jail-bound Nicole Richie and her baby’s daddy, Joel Madden are planning a September pre-jail wedding, and Star has the details!

“Joel said to Nicole, ‘Let’s get married before you go to jail,’” a source close to the couple reports. “She was so happy. He’s doing this so she feels secure behind bars. The last thing he wants is for her to worry about where they’re at while she’s in jail.”

On Friday, July 27, at Glendale Superior Court, an elegantly dressed Nicole was sentenced to four days in jail for driving under the influence (She was caught speeding the wrong way down a Burbank, California, highway in December.) She has the option of choosing a city or county lockup, and because she has a credit of six hours, she’ll end up serving only three days. She has until September 28th to turn herself in.

At this point, the couple is eyeing a September 21st wedding, primarily because Joel has a 19-day break from his current concert tour with his band, Good Charlotte, and because it’s Nicole’s 26th birthday to boot! If they stick to that plan, Richie, will likely do her jai time form September 24-27.

At that stage, “Nicole wants to get married first, and then serve her time,” the source says. “But she’s way too stressed about jail to plan the wedding, so she’s hiring a wedding planner to coordinate the details.” They’ll most likely tie the knot at Joel’s mansion in Glendale, California, although Nicole’s dad, Lionel Richie, has offered his house in Bel-Air if they want to use it. The other, less public option is to head to Madden’s hometown near Annapolis, Maryland. “Joel doesn’t want a circus,” another friend says.

Joel “feels a sense of responsibility toward Nicole,” the friend says. “Joel is scared – Nicole’s pregnancy is not something he’s taking lightly. It’s been anxious times for them, but Joel finally told her, ‘We need to get beyond all the bulls —t that is dragging us down and learn to lean on each other.’ That was music to Nicole’s ears – she couldn’t stand the thought of losing him and facing jail.”

Until now, Joel seemed to be dragging his heels when Nicole insisted they get married right away, the friend says. “He really hadn’t had time to process it all. The prospect of becoming a father was a pretty heavy hammer on him,” the friend says.

“But seeing how scared Nicole was about going to court brought out his protective streak. Hew wanted to give her something to hang onto. There are a lot of times I thought he would throw in the towel with her, but the truth is, he really does love her.”

And of course, Lionel wholeheartedly favors the pair getting hitched.

“Nicole told Lionel of her plans and he’s over the moon about them,” says the friend. “It’s what he has wanted all along. He really wants Nicole to find some meaning in her life, and hopefully marriage and a baby will provide just that.”

Behind the Custody Battle: Kevin Federline’s Secret Weapon

The drawn-out divorce saga between Britney Spears & Kevin Federline may have officially ended July 30 – but don’t believe for a second that the two have stopped the vicious legal wrangling over their kids for good!

Source tell Star that Kevin is seriously unhappy with the final agreement, which dictates a 50-50 custody division of time with their sons, Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James,10 months. He is legally free to fight the ruling – and insiders insist he’s intent on doing so ASAP! “Kevin is absolutely dead set on getting full custody of his sons,” a friend of Kevin tells Star. “I’m positive he’ll be going back to court!”

This time, K-Fed may finally win full custody, thanks to a potent secret weapon: The pop star’s former personal assistant, Shannon Funk, who could tip the scales in Kevin’s favor by detailing Brit’s bizarre behind-the-scenes antics!

Funk had been working as Brit’s assistant for just 3 weeks when strange reports surfaced that Brit fired her in late July because she suspected her of disloyalty. According to these reports, Funk was threatening to write a tell-all about Brit’s wild partying, questionable mothering skills and bizarre behavior. But when Star spoke with Shannon, she denied that she’d been fired or was planning to pen a tell-all. “I’m still Britney’s assistant,” she told Star.

However, says an insider, “Shannon contacted Kevin’s friends at one point – and that gave him the idea that she might rat Brit out. Then Kevin contacted Shannon. She told him she had cell phone pictures of Britney and herself partying – including pictures of Britney acting silly while intoxicated and running around the house barely clothed!”

That’s why Kevin determined to have Funk testify against Brit when he reopens the case! “He thinks it’s better to have Shannon tell the court about Britney than just say it himself,” the insider adds.

Funk’s testimony could indeed change the ruling in Kevin’s favor, says L.A.-based attorney Jonathan Kissel. “Even though Britney and Kevin have been awarded 50-50 custody of the children, either party can go back to court and ask for a change,” Kissel tells Star. “If Britney’s conduct and erratic behaviors put the children’s safety in jeopardy, this would greatly increase Federline’s chances of winning full custody.”

To further embolden Kevin’s resolve: Britney’s bizarre accusations in the week after July 19. It began with the star’s now-infamous 2-hour magazine photo shoot, during which she reportedly wiped fried chicken grease on a $274 gown, let her Yorkie puppy, London, poop on $6,700 Zac Posen dress, and repeatedly went to the bathroom without closing the door, before fleeing!

Later that day, Britney had another meltdown while pole-dancing during a video shoot, for her new single “Get Back”! “Suddenly she was in a flood of tears and stormed off the set,” a source told a British tabloid. “She came back, but she was sobbing hysterically!” The shoot was cut short.

Then on July 26, while in Las Vegas, Brit stepped out with Sean Preston and her bodyguard, Julio Camera – who soon got into a violent scuffle with two photographers! Brit’s Las Vegas jaunt may yet come back to haunt her. The couple’s custody agreement is said to stipulate that both parents must obtain written permission from the other before leaving California with the children – which Brit did not do.

Finally, in the wee hours of July 30, Britney donned a strange disguise while she and her bodyguard drove around L.A.

This could all add up to further tragedy for Britney. “Kevin wants sole custody of the kids and he’s determined to get it,” says his friend. “To see his kids’ safety being constantly jeopardized by an out-of-control Britney is tearing him apart!”

The Secret Romance That Destroyed Lindsay!

Fresh off her first bust for DUI and drug possession, Lindsay Lohan checked into the Promises treatment center in Malibu for help with her drug and alcohol demons. But a doomed love affair while in rehab sent her spinning into a deeper downward spiral that ended with a total meltdown – and her latest arrest on July 24.

Lindsay’s rehab romance was “pathetic,” a source tells Star. “He was a married guy from the Midwest with a nice body. He was having fun with Lindsay. She called him her ‘rehab boyfriend.’ They would fool around all the time. And they weren’t just kissing. He was in her room often.”

But when the time came for her “boyfriend” to leave Promises and fly home, Lindsay was a wreck.

“She completely freaked out,” the source says. “She started screaming, ‘Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! If you leave I am going to die!’” A few minutes after he left, Lindsay emerged from her room with blood dripping from a self-inflicted wound on her wrist. “She cut her left wrist so badly, there was blood everywhere – on her clothes, on her face, in her hair,” the source reveals. “She was screaming, ‘He can’t go’ and sobbing.”

It wasn’t the first time that an out-of-control Lindsay has cut herself, insiders report. A friend of the actress recalls a 3-day drinking and drug bender during which Lindsay consumed massive amounts of vodka, cocaine, pills and Ecstasy and ended up at a party at the Hollywood Hills where she became enraged when the host ran out of her favorite drink.

“She wanted Grey Goose vodka and went on a rampage,” says a friend who has been close to the troubled starlet for years.

The insider tells Star, Lindsay screamed, “I want my brand, and I want it now!” before grabbing a corkscrew and shutting herself in the bathroom. Partygoers heard cabinets being opened and slammed shut, and then Lindsay screamed through the door, “I’m going to kill myself! No one understands me!”

The friend says Lindsay “was cutting her wrists with the corkscrew. She’s done this before, and its crazy scary. A few minutes later she came out dripping blood. Luckily the wounds were superficial, but it was still a horrific sight.”

According to the friend, this was one of at least five other similar episodes – not counting the Promises freak-out – that led to the catastrophic events of July 23, when an apparently intoxicated Lindsay reportedly got into a fight with her assistant, Tarin Graham, then commandeered a friend’s SUV and took off on a wild high-speed car chase. Lindsay failed a field sobriety test and was charged with two counts of driving under the influence, possession of cocaine and driving with a suspended license. Her arraignment is scheduled for August 24.

“For someone who a year ago was on top of the world, it’s tragic,” says her friend. “She’s hit rock bottom – it’s like watching a horrible train wreck. You want to turn away, but you can’t.”

Teri Hooks Up with Hoop Star!

Teri Hatcher did a lot more than just toast the bride and groom during the early-July wedding festivities for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker. The sexy – and recently attached – star also hooked up with a brand-new and much younger guy, says sources.

Whispers of trouble between Teri, and her boyfriend of 8 months, Stephen Kay, first began when Teri arrived in Paris to celebrate the gala nuptials accompanied only by her 9-year-old daughter, Emerson. Then Tony introduced Teri to a fellow NBA guard, the Golden State Warriors’ Baron Davis, at the newlyweds’ reception on July 7. And after that, Stephen Kay back home seemed to be miles from the actress’ mind!

“Baron and Teri really hit it off,” says a friend of the TV beauty. They talked and danced all night and had a great time. They couldn’t seem to get enough of each other!”

Sill, adds the source, when it came time to say goodbye after the Parisian wedding party ended, “neither Teri nor Baron knew what would happen when they returned to the States!”

As for Teri’s relationship with Stephen, another friend of the star says, “I think she hasn’t had her heart in it for a while. She definitely seemed open to meeting someone new who made her heart beat faster.”

Apparently she feels that someone is Baron – and he seems to feel the same way! On July 24, the duo was spotted together again, at the Hollywood eatery, Pace, where they sat on the same side of a four-person table, “looking like a couple of love-struck teenagers!” says an eyewitness. “Teri and Baron were all over each other. She had her hand on his face, and she was holding onto his arms while they were making out! There is some serious passion between those two.”

So while Baron’s rep says that the athlete and the TV house-mom are “just friends,” Teri has never seemed happier! “By the look on her face,” says the eyewitness, “she may have finally met the man of her dreams at Eva’s fairy-tale wedding!”

Brad’s Plea: Rehab for Angie!

As depressed Angelina Jolie struggles with her plummeting weight, sources tell Star that a desperate and overwhelmed Brad Pitt is urging her to get professional help in a special rehab treatment center to save their relationship – and herself.

Brad has become increasingly alarmed about Angie’s health as they shuttle around the world with their family, the insiders say, and he’s finally laid his feelings on the line.

“Brad seems worried sick about Angie, and he doesn’t know what else he can do,” a friend of the couple tells Star. “At this point, I think getting professional help might be the wisest way to go. He didn’t want it to come to this, but gong to a rehab center for eating disorders may be the best thing for Angelina.”

Insiders say that Angie is taking steps to help her gain weight, but they don’t seem to be working. “She also has a history with depression, and things got a lot worse after the death of her mother,” says a source.

Angie has cited her mother, Marcheline Bertrand’s death from cancer in January as a contributing factor to her health problems. “This year I lost my mom, and I’ve gone through a lot,” says the actress, admitting, “It’s been hard to get my nutrition back on track.”

Angelina’s brother, James Haven, has also noted the toll the loss has taken on his sister. “Angie’s become very thin because she is grieving.” James has said. “She has not wanted to eat, nor has she been able to!”

Angelina’s eating problems are nothing new. Commenting on her weight back in 2000, she said, “I’m hoping to get on a program soon. When I was in the hospital with a friend who had a drip in her arm, I was like, ‘Maybe if you stick that in me, just inject pure protein…’”

But now her condition seems to be getting even worse, and Brad and her brother aren’t the only ones concerned about Angie’s rapidly shrinking frame. Experts have estimated Angie’s weight at a shocking 98 pounds, and one top specialist believes that the painfully thin actress needs help.

“She has a history of eating disorders, so it’s natural, under stress, to return to familiar territory,” says Lois Mueller, Ph.D., a noted psychologist and counselor from Tampa, who does not treat Angie. “Right now, she needs time to herself in a rehab facility that has the tools and knowledge to deal with her condition.” Meanwhile, insiders say, Angie’s frail physical state is creating tension between her and Brad, and the pair have been bickering.

According to sources, they’ve been arguing more and more frequently, and Brad ahs taken to speeding off on his motorcycle to spend time alone.

“Angelina has become this clingy woman,” an insider tells Star. “The more she clings, the further away Brad gets. He likes to take off on his motorcycle when the strain of living with her gets to be too much and when caring for all the kids wears him out. Angelina is worried that Brad might just keep going one day and her for good.”

On July 9, Brad took off on a solo motorcycle ride from Prague to Berlin. Just days later, he interrupted a vacation in France with Angie and the kids to take off to Berlin again.

“There seems to be little intimacy between Angie and Brad any more,” says a source. “A lot of it is because of Angelina. She used to be this exciting woman. Now she seems cold, withdrawn, aloof and lethargic. Brad finds himself pulling back.” While he has tried his best to be sympathetic and supportive, insiders say, Brad is at his wit’s end.

Angie appears to have become anti-social, sources say, skipping the July 15 wrap party in Prague for her movie, Wanted, and turning down invitations from friends. “Brad must be feeling suffocated by her,” says the insider. “She often refuses to socialize with any of Brad’s friends or with their significant others and their kids.

“It’s come to the point where if Brad wants to see his friends, he has to do it on his time, not hers. This seems to be another reason he goes off on his own. She wants him to be as reclusive as she is, and that’s just not him. The strain is getting to Brad.”

Angie also wants to buy a house in France, but Brad is longing to bring the children back to the US. “He wants to get back to his house in Malibu, which he has set up fro the kids,” says a friend. “But Angie keeps making plans that prevent them from speding any time there. She says that L.A. has too many unhappy memories for her.”

Sources say Brad has reached the end of his rope and believes there’s only one way to salvage their relationship – and Angelina’s health.

“Brad didn’t want it to come to this,” says the friend. “He’s tried getting her to put on some weight by making sure she gets plenty to eat and plenty of rest. But it just does not seem to be helping.

“All he wants is for her to get healthy, and it doesn’t look like she can do it on her own. Having the help of a team of professionals trained in eating disorders could really do wonders for Angelina. At least Brad hopes it can, because he is running out of ways to help her.”

Hairspray Hotties In Love!

High School Musical stars, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, called it quits back in June. But less than two months later, handsome young Zac has already found a new, unlikely romance with Hairspray costar Nikki Blonsky!

Vanessa, who plays Gabriella Montez, and Zac (Troy Bolton) ended their two-year relationship because sources say, their busy schedules were causing increasing friction. But it didn’t take long for Zac, 19, to find love with Nikki, 18, who plays zaftig teen Tracy Turnblad.

Blonsky, who stands 4’10”, and her new guy have been inseparable these past few weeks. And if they aren’t spending quiet time together in New York or L.A., they’re either talking on the phone or texting. “As crazy as it sounds, Zac is completely taken with Nikki,” says a source. “He said she’s someone special – someone unlike any other girl he’s ever dated. He goes on and on about how funny, smart, and pretty Nikki is.”

While the two haven’t publicly announced their coupledom, they spent time together a few weekends ago in L.A. taking long walks on a secluded Malibu beach and then sharing a meal at California Pizza Kitchen.

“Zac said they’ve made out,” says the source. “And that Nikki’s a great kisser. He also thinks she’s very sexy and admits he doesn’t even notice she’s carrying a few extra pounds. Zac and Vanessa used to argue a lot,” says the source. “They were jealous of each other. But Zac says Nikki is totally understanding and accepting of his popularity and isn’t threatened by it.” Apparently, the two spend hours talking about serious issues, like global warming and politics, and they agree on most things.

Zac comes from a strict Jewish family, and although Nikki was brought up Catholic – her mother’s religion – her dad is Jewish. She totally gets Zac’s background, and he gets her in other ways. For example, while some of his friends have given him flack about leaving super-hot Vanessa for Nikki, he insists that her weight is much less important than who she is on the inside, says the source.

Before Efron was cast as the High School Musical heartthrob last year, he was working at a car wash for less than $10 an hour. And Blonsky’s story is even more incredible.

Nikki tried to audition for the Broadway version of Hairspray at 16, but was told she was too young. When she read about the movie, she made a demo tape of herself singing and dancing, which got her an audition, and, subsequently, a screen test. A month later, a camera crew showed up at the Cold Stone Creamery ice cream shop in Long Island, NY, where she was working, to allegedly film her as one of the finalists. Instead they opened a laptop and up popped a video of Hairspray director Adam Shankman offering his congratulations and telling her to scoop herself a big cone!

“Both of them are equally grateful they’ve found success,” says the source, “and neither can believe their good fortune in finding each other.”

The Hoff’s In Love!

Despite the bitter end of his nearly 17-year marriage to actress Pamela Bach – which culminated in his winning sole legal custody of their daughters, Taylor Ann, 17, and Hayley, 14 – David Hasselhoff is giving love another try!

Hasselhoff has fallen for Michele Lilley, who owns a specialty key design company called The Keys to My Castle.

“David is healthy and happy and looks better than he has in years,” says a friend of the star. “It’s easy to see Michele’s had a great influence on him. She obviously has the key to his heart.”

The couple, who have been dating for the past two months, celebrated the Hoff’s 55th birthday by sailing with his daughters along the California coast on July 21. They ended the night at the Boost Mobile Party at the Polaroid Beach House in Malibu.

Will Denise Be Invited to Charlie’s Wedding

Most likely, says a friend of the former couple. After all, Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen overcame a bitter breakup to become pals. The divorced duo, parents to daughters, Lola and Sam, are such good pals that “Denis was one of the first people to congratulate” Charlie when they got engaged to girlfriend of one year, real estate investor/actress, Brooke Mueller, says the friend. “Who knows, she could even be a bridesmaid!”

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Rod Stewart Interview on NightTime TV Show

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