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Oops! Lindsay Lohan’s done it again!

July 24th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Lindsay crying

It was only a matter of time – Lindsay Lohan, media favourite and general mess has been arrested for drunk driving and cocaine possession AGAIN.   She had been involved in a car chase, pursuing her assistant who had quit her job hours previously.  The police were alerted when the former assistant’s mother, who was also in the car, made an emergency call because she was AFRAID of Lohan.  At the time of her arrest, she was still wearing her alcohol monitoring bracelet. 

This is the second time in less than two months that one of Lindsay’s employees has quit because they were scared of her.  Her bodyguard left her employ in June, claiming that she was dangerous and out of control.

 It seems that she’s beyond help these days.


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Heat and Closer Magazine Exclusives

July 24th, 2007 · 2 Comments

VIPglamour have teamed up with Heat and Closer magazines to bring you an exclusive peak at the up and coming hot celeb news.


1. Kelly’s Mane Man

A hot new couple have emerged on the social scene in the shape of interior design guru Kelly Hoppen and salon owner Nicky Clarke. The pair have been dating for over a month.


Speaking to Closer magazine a friend of Nicky’s commented, “Nicky’s mad about Kelly, they’ve already met each other’s friends.”


2. Jade goes to Hollywood

Jade Goody is planning an acting career.


The reality TV star is keen to kick-start her ailing career after being ejected from the Celebrity Big Brother house earlier this year amid a controversial racism row.


Speaking to Closer magazine Jade said, “I’m going to acting school in New York and I’ve got producers in LA with a role for me.”


Mum of two Jade recently experienced a miscarriage after accidentally falling pregnant to her toy boy lover Jack Tweed added “I was going to go there before my pregnancy but when I had the miscarriage it was called off. Now I might as well throw myself into work.”


The aspiring actress has apparently enrolled sons Bobby Jack and Freddy into Sylvia Young drama classes so they will also get their share of the limelight.


3. Kerry to move home after armed raid?

Traumatised Kerry Katona may move back to her hometown of Warrington following the alarming robbery that saw her held at knifepoint.


A gang of masked robbers armed with a sledgehammer, crowbar and a large kitchen knife burst into the £1.5m Cheshire home she shares with husband Mark Croft last week.


Speaking to Closer magazine Kerry’s mother-in-law Marilyn Croft said “Kerry wants to move one minute, then the next she talks about increasing security and staying, but it will be hard for her to settle now. Only a few week’s ago Kerry saw a clairvoyant who said she wouldn’t stay in the house.”


Kerry, who suffers with bipolar disorder, checked into The Priory clinic two days later and is expected to remain there for two weeks. Marilyn added, “She’s very shaken and fragile. She still won’t talk about what happened she’s too traumatised. Mark is supporting her, he’s shaken too, but he knows he has to be strong for Kerry.”


Kerry’s mother-in-law spent last week scrubbing the house with her son Mark after Kerry refused to set foot in it again until all traces of the burglars had been washed away. She told Closer, “Kerry didn’t ever want to go back to the house at first, but Mark has persuaded her to as he doesn’t want the robbers to beat them.”


The gang walked away with plasma TVs, a blue BMW M5, several £14,000 Rolex watches and the couple’s wedding rings. 35-year-old Mark was even forced to help the raiders load their van with the stolen goods.


Marks’ mum said: “Mark told me: ‘If it had been one bloke I’d have fought him off, but there was three of them and I didn’t stand a chance. All I was thinking about was Kerry and Heidi. I just did what I was told.”


4. Human pincushion has 5000 piercings but says she’s not addicted

Human pincushion Elaine Davidson has a staggering 5,000 pieces of metal in her body but insists she’s not addicted to piercings.


The 42-year-old Brazilian dancer from Edinburgh has earned her place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most pierced woman with her adornments weighing over 3kg.


Speaking to Closer magazine she said “People want to touch me and strangers try and kiss me to see what it feels like. I love all the attention and think I look beautiful.” She added, “When other people feel down or tired they have a bath or a glass of wine. I like to give myself another piercing. I’m not addicted to them, but having piercings makes me happy.”


Elaine, who is also covered from head to toe in tattoos, had her first piercing 10 years ago and admits to having performed most of them herself apart from her 500 internal ones. She has to clean each one four times a week with hydrogen peroxide to avoid picking up potentially life threatening infections.


Despite her outlandish appearance Elaine has many admirers and admitted to having several boyfriends around the world. She told Closer, “I have a few open relationships with different men, but I don’t want anything serious at the moment.”




1. Rugby star Gavin Henson’s ex girlfriend warned Charlotte Church about his philandering past.


Henson was recently accused of cheating on the singer with shop girl Tracy Donnelly who told a tabloid newspaper she had enjoyed drunken snogs with the rugby player at a club.


Now Amy Bohan, who dated Gavin for five months before he met Charlotte, says she suspects he also cheated on her. Talking exclusively to heat magazine she said, “He was always flirting with other women, buying drinks and flashing his cash. His chat up line would be ‘do you know who I am?’. She added, “He was always pinching girls’ bums and giving them the eye.”


Amy has blasted Church for taking Gavin back after her warning that he couldn’t be trusted. She told heat “I texted Charlotte and said, ‘I told you so’. I told her back in January to watch her back with Gavin because a leopard never changes its spots. It looks like I was right.”


Evicted Big Brother housemate Shabnam Paryani has spoken out about her fellow housemates, her crush on Brian and her shock at the public’s reaction to her  


The fame hungry temp from North London who has also auditioned for Britain’s got Talent and appeared on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Illnesses said, “My main talent is being a nutcase and driving myself mad.”


2. Exclusive BB Shabnam interview


In an exclusive interview with heat magazine 22-year-old Shabnam has explained why she asked Big Brother if she would still ‘get deals’ if she walked from the house.


Defending her actions she explained, “Chanelle said stuff all the time about wanting to be a WAG and do magazine spreads but I went into the diary room in a really low mood and just wanted to know that if I walked, I’d still get to do BBLB and all that stuff is part of the experience.” She added, “I was shocked that it got such a reaction.”


Shabnam has been enjoying the attention she’s received since her eviction but only has eyes for one man. She revealed, “I’ve met loads of footballer’s and stuff since I’ve been out of the house and the average person would want to go out and try to pull famous people, but I’m not like that.” She also admits to having a crush on 20-year-old fellow housemate Brian, admitting, “I can’t wait to see Brian. I just think his character is nice. He’s really soft and not a hard, macho guy, and he’s very grounded. Put it this way, I’m looking forward to him coming out.”


The full interview appears in this week’s heat magazine, out now.


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