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Top 10 Sexy Legs in Show Business

June 18th, 2007 · 3 Comments

UK Newspaper, The Sun, has come out with it’s Celebrity list of the Top 10 Legs

Number One is: Nadine Coyle (born June 15, 1985, Derry, Northern Ireland and a singer with the all-girl group Girls Aloud)

Nadine Coyle

The list has a UK bias, so stateside visitors may not recognise some of the names, but still, it is a Nice list. However, as with all lists, it is just as easy to think of 10 more celebs that should have been featured there, but are not.

Let us have your suggestions in the comments please

1. Nadine Coyle

2. Beyonce

3. Britney Spears

4. Dannii Minogue

5. Kylie Minogue

6. Jamelia

7. Cheryl Cole

8. Gwen Stefani

9. Christina Aguilera

10. Tina Turner

Original Article at The Sun

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Paul Potts Interview

June 18th, 2007 · 12 Comments

Paul Potts Interview

Paul Potts

In response to the emails we have received today about VIPGLAMOUR perhaps doing an interview with Paul Potts or people asking where they may find an online interview of Paul, I am afraid that I have to say we are just a “Lowly Celebrity Blog” and the chances of us pulling of an interview are almost NIL.
(For the record Paul, we completely understand, go on, enjoy your fame and Good Fortune, you do deserve it)

As you can imagine, Paul Potts is inundated with TV and Press interviews this week.

Searching online I have found a couple of good articles and interviews that give a bit more background to Paul and his life.

Take for example this article from TinesOnline:
Paul Potts will spend some of his £100,000 prize money getting his teeth fixed

And another more comprehensive Paul Potts interview from last week is found at the Guardian Unlimited

In particular I was impressed with Paul’s response to people who suggested he may have already been a Professional Opera Singer:

Speaking to this interview, the singer denied the allegations.

‘I have never worked as a professional singer. I have poured everything I could earn into a few lessons, but everyone taking part in this television show has had some training,’ he said yesterday.

‘My four performances with Bath Opera a few years back were all amateur. I am angry about this because I have never earned anything, although I did get petrol expenses a couple of times.’ His story is confirmed this weekend by the singing teacher who gave him lessons until Potts was forced to give up in 2003 because of illness. Potts adds that he has always been open about a trip to Italy to improve his voice. He had saved up to sing for Luciano Pavarotti in a masterclass, but had no tuition from the great tenor.

Another remarkable thing is that I heard Paul Potts say in an interview on Britain’s Got Talent was that he was not even sure he wanted to enter Britain’s Got Talent – as he had more or less gave up on his music career. Now that is Scary – because Paul has the most amazing talent and ability to connect with the general public with his singing and I can only think how much poorer the lives on many people would be today if Paul had not “PAID ATTENTION” to his inner voice and entered.

Also see another excellent article at: REAL FOLK HAVE POTTS OF TALENT

And yet another article with lots of information on Paul Potts winning Britain’s Got Talent can be found at:
‘Britain’s Got Talent’ winner Potts to spend prize on a new smile

From this article:

Although he claims that he will never again wear his Tesco suit – which ensured that all three judges, Cowell, Piers Morgan and Amanda Holden, described his image as ‘appalling’ – Potts, insists that he will not be having a ‘Hollywood makeover’.

“I vividly remember that doing that first audition in my cheap £35 Tesco suit and seeing Simon Cowell sitting there in his Armani,” he added.

“I don’t think I’ll ever wear it again but it will always be a reminder of where I was and where I attempt to remain – except in better clothes.

“I’m wearing a Burton suit today and I expect to continue buying Burton. I’m not hung up on labels, or being seen in the right shops and the right clubs

Special Note: Paul, if you do happen to read this and are available for an interview please email us at ;-)

20th June Update: Just found this excellent article at MSNBC TV
Titled: Find Your Inner Paul Potts

A real inspirational read. I did not for example know that “But my secret is hidden within me, my name no one shall know.” are the words, roughly translated, from the famous Puccini aria “Nessun Dorma.” How appropriate for the Paul Potts Story.

Tony Maciulis (who wrote the article) also makes the excellent point that:

We all have a passion, a secret buried within us. And yes, for the most part, the world will never know our names. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t made an impact, changed lives for the better, or had a purpose on this planet.

Find your inner Paul Potts. Everyone has one.

And here, just because we at VIPGlamour don’t believe you can have too much of a good thing is another Video of the winning performanace:

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