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Oh dear Kate!

June 13th, 2007 · No Comments

Pete and Kate

Kate Moss’s plans to launch her own fragrance have hit an unexpected snag.  Perfume bosses feel that Pete Doherty gives the wrong impression and looks like he doesn’t ’smell very nice’.

They must have stood downwind of him.

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Heaven On Earth

June 13th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Life is good again! Paris Hilton is in jail, Lindsay Lohan is sued, not to forget Paris has been ‘dropped off’ by Endeavor Talent Agency because she ”Isn’t worth it”.

It took them this long to figure that out?What talent are they talking about? The fact that she can put together ”Thats Hot” with ease?Or the fact that she can’t spell? She is PARIS HILTON for crying out loud! If you got an X-ray of her head, you would find a guinea pig on an excersise wheel.

Paris Hilton MTV Awards

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Paul Potts New Celebrity Opera Star

June 13th, 2007 · 92 Comments

When I mentioned Paul Potts on Monday I was really not too sure what the VIP Glamour audience would make of Paul Potts. I knew I was “touched” by his singing – but perhaps it was just me?

Indeed, when I saw the first comment by ME to the post I thought my ignorance of Opera and what made a good opera singer had been well and truly exposed ;-)

But fortunately, as it turns out I am not the only person to like Paul Potts. Indeed, I don’t think we need to use the words “future opera celebrity” any longer as without question Paul Potts is a Celebrity and a quick look at the many Paul Potts videos on YouTube and the huge number of views and comments in a few days is proof of that.

What was not know when I made the original post was some of the background to Paul as I discovered on the website.

For Example prior to entering the show:

Paul Potts had battled a burst appendix, plus a huge tumour on his adrenal gland and a shattered collarbone after being knocked off his bike.

Also for the performance he was wearing a “cheap Tesco suit” and with his hair cut too short, Paul admits the trio (Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan) weren’t initially impressed. But when he sang Nessun Dorma, he blew them away. (Tesco – Think Walmart if you are in the USA)

Paul said:

“I don’t think they were expecting very much. I’m a bit short and overweight and had a cheap old suit on and the hairdresser had used a number two on my hair instead of a four so it made me look a bit bald.

“But when I sang, I made sure I looked at the judges and I saw Simon Cowell’s jaw drop. I knew then I must have done alright”

Paul Potts – You have done more than alright – You are a Star. Thank you and Well Done

Here is an alternative Paul Potts sings Nessun Dorma video which claims to have high quality video/sound


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Lindsay and her ‘friends’

June 13th, 2007 · 2 Comments

God, I love Lindsay Lohan.  Paris Hilton can’t make Lindsay’s 21st birthday party – damn that pesky prison sentence! – so Firecrotch has decided to hire NINE Paris Hilton lookalikes to take her friend’s place.  

Hey Lindsay, why bother with inviting friends at all?  The way you’re behaving you’re not going to have any mates left anyway, so just hire a bunch of people who look a bit like them – when you’re wasted you’ll be able to kid yourself that people still like you. 

A Paris Hilton lookalike
 A Paris Hilton lookalike – she might be at Lindsay Lohan’s birthday party.


A Lindsay Lohan lookalike
A Lindsay Lohan lookalike – she might not be at the party.

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