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Mean, drunk girl.

June 11th, 2007 · 4 Comments

Lindsay Lohan’s life continues to read like a bad soap opera…  Her bodyguard, a 48 year old hulk of a man mountain, has quit his job because it’s too dangerous.  Lee Weaver, who’s looked after some of the wildest stars in Hollywood, said that the 20 year old Mean Girls star has a ‘total death wish’ and that he was frequently afraid that she wouldn’t make it through the night.  Weaver said that the final straw came – and you couldn’t make this up – when Lindsay physically attacked a gun wielding cocaine dealer because she thought he’d ripped her off.  He managed to drag her away and drove off but Lindsay started screaming at him to return.

Lindsay Lohan

He also revealed

She had a TEN hour cocaine binge with Nicole Richie (mmm… maybe anorexia isn’t the cause of Nicole’s skeletal body).

Attacked Jessica Simpson because she felt Jessica was giving her dirty looks (talk about cocaine paranoia, that fixed stare is the normal expression for an orange plastic Barbie doll like Jessica). 

Cut her wrists and arms with knives as she spiralled deeper into depression.

Enjoyed frenzied lesbian romps with girls she’d picked up in clubs and even tried to grope Mariah Carey.  Ok, that’s bad, very bad indeed when you try to pick up over-stuffed sausages like Mariah…  

…and in the latest pictures she’s shown completely wasted holding a knife to a friend’s throat…   Scary.  

At this rate she’ll only stop if she kills herself or someone else.

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Paul Potts | Future Celebrity Opera Star Found in Britains Got Talent TV Show

June 11th, 2007 · 258 Comments

Paul Potts, Future Celebrity Opera Star Found in Britain’s Got Talent

Once in a while something comes along that gives you goose pimples – that makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

This is a very new video, from someone whom I am sure will be a HUGE STAR. Paul Potts is this guys name – and a whole bundle of Real Talent – something that frankly we don’t find enough of at VIP GLAMOUR.

This is raw, PURE, beautiful talent that makes you think beautiful thoughts and makes you happy to be alive and to witness it. Add to that the fact the guy is so modest.

Watch the video, and you will see what I mean. Also, add in the fact that I thought I didn’t like Opera and hopefully you will see how moving this performance was for me.

The video is from UK TV Show: Britain’s Got Talent and the performers are judged by Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Piers Morgan

Follow Up Post: Paul Potts New Celebrity Opera Star

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