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Optimism At Its Best!

June 1st, 2007 · 1 Comment

Paris Hilton

Here is a quick question. Your a celebrity, you have been sentenced to jail because you drive like a 3 year old, what would your condition be?
A normal person would be scared. But Paris Hilton is not normal. Sure, we saw her carrying The Holy Scripture everywhere she went to fool everyone.Like we’re that stupid.

But lately shes been a bit too optimistic for a self-obsessed person that sleeps in her self-obsessed room full of her self-obssessed junk.
Why? Because shes Paris Hilton.Going to jail doesn’t stop her from hooking up with new guys and going to work.
Seeing Paris with a new boy toy and a new script is just disturbingly optimistic.

The first time I went to jail, I was in chains being stopped on every state border. I didn’t get to frolick with my boyfriends or read scripts.


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Happy Birthday Irish Gem

June 1st, 2007 · No Comments


Yet another celebrity hottie is celebrating a birthday under the Sun sign, Gemini.

Today, May 31st, Irish cutie Colin Farrell turned 31 yrs old. This fine Irish import has rocked the Hollywood scene since 2001. He has appeared in a host of block-buster films such as Minority Report and most recently Miami Vice.

Lately, it seems a much more tame and sober Colin has emerged. Apparently he has been laying low and working on a number of smaller films. Where ever you are in the world Colin, your fans wish you the very best on your special day. We look forward to seeing you on the big screen soon.

Happy Birthday C. Farrell (from one “Gem”ini to another).

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