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Halle Berry: Is she, or not?

May 26th, 2007 · 3 Comments

hbas6thumb.jpgThe cover up?Halle shops for comfie shoes?

Rumors have begun to swirl [again] about Ms. Berry and her potential “Baby on Board”. For weeks the tabloids have been alleging that Halle is pregnant. From the looks of these pictures it’s a little hard to say. According to IDLYITW, “Halle has been wearing baggy clothes…shopping for baggy clothes…buying flat shoes…and covering her tummy with shopping bags”. 

I am still on the fence about this one. I REALLY want her to be pregnant.  People who are as hot as Halle have a responsibility to reproduce. Especially if the baby’s daddy is her hot Canadian boyfriend. The world needs this gene pool to continue. If she is not preggers she needs to ditch the loose-fitting frocks she’s been sporting and get back to the sexy vixen  look that we all adore. [Although this beauty could wear a paper bag and be the hottest thing in the room]

So what’s the deal?…Is she or not? Check out the pics and decide for yourself.

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