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Just don’t google Lily Allen…

May 13th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Lily likes a drink


Lily Allen, everyone’s favourite bad girl, singer, celebrity daughter and fashion designer has suggested that U.S. Immigration officials may be googling her name to find out information before stopping and questioning her.

In her MySpace blog she talks about being questioned by an Immigration official regarding an incident where she is alleged to have assaulted a photographer outside a club on Wardour Street, in London. The official asked her whether she had attended a police station yet in regard to this incident.  Articles have appeared in the press suggesting that Lily has received a letter asking her to appear at a police station about the incident, yet Lily insists that she has not got any such letter.  

Well, at least you’re in good company, Lily – Hugh Grant, Prince Harry and Woody Harrelson have all been accused of lashing out at paparrazzi in the past.

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