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Anna Nicole Smith’s Diary Entries

April 5th, 2007 · 5 Comments

Ironically written on a Guess journal, these exerpts from Anna Nicole’s diary (written during the early 1990’s) reveal the true nature of the tragic blonde.  A messed up almost infantile woman at odds with the purely sexual image she protrayed in her professional life.  The 2 diaries of Anna Nicole go on sale and from these exerpts alone whoever gets them will have access to the most private and vunerable thoughts of the former playmate.  If you’re unable to read Anna Nicole’s writing here’s what  the entries on the above pages say:

  • like a pig. Howard has been buying me some jewelry. But he call me 15 or 20 times a day it drives me crazy. I love him but he agravates me somtimes I don’t no what to do about Paul hes a strange guy. I hate for men to want sex all the time. I hate sex anyway. I only like it with Clay now that hes out of my life. I hate sex.
  • Hung Over!! Feel like **** stayed home watched a movie! Took a Zandrex!
  • My husbands (oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall) very sick and weak, Theres nothing I can do I wait each hour to comfort him with medicines and prayers I wish I could take the…

Also on sale as you can see in the bottom picture is Anna’s Texas ID card depicting her real name, Vickie Lynn Smith


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I Hope This Doesn’t Mean Flares Are Back

April 5th, 2007 · No Comments

Katie is back to work in the biggest flares I’ve seen all season, enough denim there for a whole wardrobe of clothes for pint sized hubby Tom. 

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Kristen Dunst’s Boyfriend Vogues It Up

April 5th, 2007 · No Comments

This is Razorlight’s Johnny Borrel’s Vogue cover with Natalia V, I still don’t know why Johnny was chosen as in England at any rate they’re far from God like status just another good rock band among the plenty that’s on the scene at the moment but clearly snagging snaggle tooth herself, Kirsten has its benefits.  A Vogue insider told the Mirror today,

“We wanted him because he’s edgy, has great dress sense, and he’s got a sexy new Hollywood girlfriend which makes him very desirable.” 

Johnny underwent an intense boxing regime in order to get his body into coverboy shape and while I must admit he now has a decent set of abs, Kirsten can keep her rocker boy, he definitely doesn’t float this girl’s boat

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April Fools Was Last Week, Right?

April 5th, 2007 · No Comments


Lindsay Lohan told In Touch Weekly that she would love to play the role of Princess Dianain an upcoming biopic:

“It would be fantastic to play her. She gave back a lot and was such an amazing woman.”

To get into spirit Lilo is going all the way to Japan to do some charity work

“I’m going to Japan soon with my friend Charlotte Ronson, who’s a designer, and I’m researching some charity work that I can do and visit some orphanages.”

First off, either last night La Lohan was too intoxicated after yet another night on ‘Red Bull’ that she couldn’t manage to close her shirt after enjoying some random groping or else she thought her flashing some breast would help her gain a few extra column inches (why buy the milk when you’ve seen the cow), either way Lindsay playing Princess Diana is not going to happen.Secondly I’m concerned about Lindsay going near orphanages, she may get high and think it’s a good idea to bring home a little Japanese baby.  Would you put it past her?

In other Lindsay news check out this brilliant tibit from Holy Moly (I edited it a little)

You may notice that the current cover of ‘Pop’ magazine features a male model, but this was not meant to be the case. After all, the magazine had spent a small fortune on acquiring Lindsay Lohan.  What could have gone wrong? It turned out to be a re-fuelling problem for the Hollywood starlet, who turned up to the photo shoot somewhat the worse for wear. The shy, retiring young lady insisted on being topless in almost every shot, demanding that her bangers be photographed for posterity. A couple of hours later, photographers Mert and Marcus were left with a series of shots of Lohan’s lollipops and little else. Luckily, there were two shots in which the strumpet had failed to thrust her breasts into the lens and the pics were totally without nipples.  Unfortunately, those two shots contained rather graphic illustrations of the entrance to Lindsay’s womb. Damage limitation time. Lohan’s publicist, Leslie Sloane, phoned the magazine the very next morning and told the editor that if any of these pictures saw the light of day, said editor would “never work in Hollywood again.”

Aw Lindsay Lohan –  totally Diana material

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April 5th, 2007 · No Comments

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