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Happy Linking

March 27th, 2007 · No Comments

Glaad Brings Out The Divas (And Tom Ford)

Will Brangelina Make It Official

Ocean 13 Screencaps

Paris Hilton Lost Her Virginity To Randy Spelling (that’s Tory’s brother who managed to defy the laws of logic by beeing less talented)

Even Would Be Kings Like To Grope

Jeremy Piven Is A Douche

Rose McGowan:  Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

Heather Mills Doesn’t Do Herself Any Favours

Feel Eddie Griffin’s Pain

Grindhouse Premiere Picture Post

Kristen Dunst Moves Fast

I Give Up Guessing Which Guy Lindsay Is Banging  – Chances Are It’s All Of Them

Adios To Punk’d

Jennifer And Courtney To Get Extra Friendly Tonight

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Happy Linking
Happy Linking

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Petra And James Are Over. In Totally Unrelated News Lindsay Reveals She’s Dating

March 27th, 2007 · No Comments


As I let you know on March 24th, Lindsay Lohan and British whiner crooner James Blunt spent last Wednesday partying together at Teddy’s before heading back to Lohan’s where Blunt stayed until 5am.  Now People is claiming that James and Victoria’s Secret supermodel Petra Nemcova have been over since February:

They split in February. It’s very amicable,” a source close to Blunt tells PEOPLE.”They remain good friends.”

At The Tudor’s premiere yesteday, which Lindsay showed up at for no apparent reason, the Lohan tolde People reporters:

I’m dating.  I’m really happy and I’m having fun”

Coincidence or has James Blunt committed the tradedown of the century?


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Star Magazine Latest Celebrity News

March 27th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Kevin Costner – A Baby Boy at 52!

Kevin Costner, 52, and wife of two years, handbag designer Christine Baumgartner, 33, are having a baby boy! Christine wants to name him Crash, and Kevin wants the more traditional Henry,” adds a source. This will be the first child for the couple, although Kevin has three children with first wife Cindy Silva, and a son with ex-girlfriend Bridget Rooney.

Posh Has David on a Baby Girl Diet

Victoria Beckham, 32, is so set on having a daughter that the former pop singer has put soccer star husband David, 32, on a special “baby girl” diet, according to British reports. David, currently out of play because of an injury, is eating foods rich in alkaline and has been told to cut out dairy, coffee, tea and alcohol. “Victoria hit upon this baby girl diet for David when she was talking to one of her friends,” says a friend. Posh already has plans to call the baby Luna!

Lindsay, Jude & Sienna: Torrid Love Triangle

One month after finishing up a 30-day stint at L.A.’s Wonderland rehab center, Lindsay Lohan, 20, has rebounded-into the arms of Jude Law, 34! After reporting last week that the two stars were long-standing friends who arranged “to meet up” at events, Star has since learned they have, in fact, been dating! “It’s been going on for a few weeks,” a source close to Lindsay tells Star. “She thinks he’s hot. She likes him.” Adds another source, Jude, a father of three, “is cute, funny- and he’s Jude Law!” Lindsay has been telling friends that she is “taking things slowly.”

Despite her new relationship with Jamie Burke, an ex of Lindsay, Sienna may not be officially over Jude. “Jude told Lindsay that Sienna asks him all the time about his new affair,” says the source.

Posh Wears the Pants

David Beckham may rule the soccer field, but in his own home, wife, Victoria Adams, takes charge. A source close to Victoria tells Star, “Believe me, she’s totally the boss. She told David he can be captain on the field, but it wasn’t going to work at home.”

The U.K. duo is planning to head over to L.A., reporting a $250 million, 5-year contract with the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, but it appears Victoria was the driving force behind the decision.

Victoria has her sights set on her and hubby taking over L.A. She recently inked a $19.5 million deal with American Idol creator Simon Fuller to do an NBC reality series about moving her family from their English digs – nicknamed Beckingham Palace – to L.A. The show ill also follow the expansion of her and David’s namesake DVB Style fashion line, which will soon include sunglasses and, denim and his-and-hers fragrances.

Mrs. Beckham is fully involved in her Hollywood plans – she has been busy crossing the Atlantic to scout out schools for the couple’s sons, and has been doing some house-hunting without her hubby, explaining “I know his taste really well.”

The Becks’ have even been spotted out in the scene with Hollywood’s fave couples including Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Watch out – while Victoria and David take Hollywood by storm!

Jen: Driving Courteney & David Apart?

Courteney Cox is frequently surrounded by her bitter girlfriends, and the constant negativity may be taking a toll on her nearly eight-year marriage with David Arquette. A source tells Star “Some people think they (Courteney’s girlfriends) have it all, but they are a ‘glass half-empty’ bunch. They’re down on love, and they seem to complain a lot.”

The women certainly have plenty to gripe about: Jen Aniston is still recovering from her breakup with Vince Vaughn, and her divorce from Brad Pitt; and Sheryl Crow, dealing with her recent disengagement from Lance Armstrong. In hopes to offer support and sympathy she gives a rundown on why her marriage isn’t perfect. Star’s source believes, “this creates problems between her and David that wouldn’t be there otherwise.” “Courteney is probably suddenly seeing more negative traits in David,” adds another source. “But now I bet he can’t do anything right.” And in turn, David is spending time alone to give Courteney the space she needs.

Candy Creates Nursery for Tori’s Baby!

Tori Spelling and her mother, Candy, continue to mend their relationship, but it seems Candy is anxious to speed up that process; she is determined to be a part of her grandson’s life. An insider reveals, “She has already built a nursery in her home for 3-week old Liam, and plans to spoil him with expensive toys and clothes.” Tori and Candy are not at all on the same page; Tori is equally determined not to spoil him. Let’s see how much use Candy gets out of that nursery!

In partnership with Star Magazine

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Which Male Popstar Tried It On With Rod Stewart’s Son In Rehab??

March 27th, 2007 · 1 Comment


Rod Stewart’s son Sean (the equally vapid brother of sister Kimberly Stewart) was on Shock Jock Howard’s Stern’s radio show this yesterday and when talking of his recent stint in rehab he let this slip:

This morning Sean Stewart, Rod Stewarts’ son, claimed that a famous older singer made advances on him in rehab. Howard bleeped the name but was wondering if you knew anything or if others had mentioned this.

When the kind folks over at Queery asked for which rehab facility Sean was at they recieved this back:

It’s in Malibu. He was talking about the blowjobs he got in rehab from women. Then he mentioned that he and this singer were on the beach at rehab and the older guy offered to put suntan lotion on him, then was massaging him, then tried to jerk him off. He mentioned that it was Promises because Howard asked him how he was on the beach in rehab.


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Is Nicole Pregnant?

March 27th, 2007 · 1 Comment

Woman’s Day is reporting that Nicole Kidman has finally got her wish and is knocked up: 

Nicole Kidman has at last received the news she’s been so desperately waiting for — she’s pregnant!

After months of fertility treatment, sources say the actress has told family and friends that she and husband Keith Urban are finally expecting their first child together.

“Nicole and Keith are having a baby,” reveals an overjoyed friend. “They’ve been riding on clouds since they got the news. Nicole’s been hoping for this since the day they got married. Everyone knows how she’s been aching to have a baby. It’s all she’s been talking about for ages.”

Although this report is being cited all around the blogosphere I’m not sure how credible it is as I haven’t seen anything else to back it up.  I’ll update the post if I come across anything else.  Hopefully she is pregnant, for the obivous reasons and for the fact she’ll have to stop with the shiteously bad albino blonde hair she’s be sporting for a while now. 

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