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Owen Wilson Anxious Not To Have Picture Taken With Kate Hudson

February 19th, 2007 · No Comments


Looks like Owen Wilson and Kate Hudson are continuing their relationship but want to keep it under the radar. Prezhilton reports that Owen flew down under to keep Kate company for Valentine‘s day. However funny man Owen was adverse to have any pictures of the couple together taken as he’s keen to keep the story of the front pages of tabloids (VIPglamour thinks he shouldn’t worry so much, Britney and Anna Nicole Smith pretty much have the monopoly on cover stories at the moment)

The pair walked hand-in-hand to the back door of the cinema but leapt apart and headed for separate doors when they realised a photographer was present. Wilson is widely known as the Mr Nice Guy of Hollywood, but he was so keen to avoid being snapped that he twice shoved the Bulletin photographer out of the way as he rushed up the stairs.

A fan waiting in the cinema foyer said she was shocked to see the star’s violent outburst.

“We were going to ask him for a photograph but when we saw him trying to ram the photographer we were too scared, and we couldn’t even look at him,” said Jemima O’Neill.

“We had been waiting for nearly two hours, but he was so angry we thought there is no way we are going to ask him for a photograph now.

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Brangelina and Family Out And About

February 19th, 2007 · No Comments

Angelina and Brad take Shiloh and Zahara out for a stroll in New Orleans where they have set up home

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Update On Anna Nicole Smith Saga

February 19th, 2007 · 1 Comment


TMZ reports that Larry Birkhead flex in to Miami last night and is prepare to testify on where Anna Nicole Smith should be buried. Tomorrow we will learn whether the courts will allow the sinister Howard K Stern to remain as executor of her will and get possession of her body for burial in the Bahamas.

Anna left everything to her dead son Daniel with Howard as executor. The will is dated July 30, 2001 and was never updated so there is no mention of Dannielynn. The language in the will seems to exclude any of Anna’s future spouses or children. Court TV anchor Lisa Bloom said this appears to exclude Dannielynn but the fact there is no living heir means that a court battle is virtually guaranteed.

Yesterday, Immigration Minister Shane Gibson who Anna was sleeping with apologised to his country for any embarrassment he may have caused the Bahamian people bud denied any wrongdoing or that he was sleeping with her. Minister Gibson had fast tracked Anna’s application for permanent residency which has caused controversy

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What Britney Did Next, Justin’s Opinion On Her Drastic New Look And Britney’s Lock’s Go For $1 Million On Ebay

February 19th, 2007 · 3 Comments

Britney’s bald head might have been all over the papers this weekend with people commenting on what actually drove her to do that to herself. Is she suffering a nervous breakdown, on drugs, attention seeking?? Whatever the reason Britney herself didn’t seem all that concerned. The Crossroads star spent the weekend handing out at the pool at the very swish Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood with a short blond wig on. The rumours that Britney was in breakdown mode post her extreme hair cut were dismissed by witnesses her said she seemed in good spirits chatting with her friends, although she was chain smoking.

E! columnist Marc Malkin says,

“She was definitely having fun with her friends The Mondrian is the kind of place you wouldn’t go if you didn’t want to be seen, especially during Oscar week. She wasn’t exactly hiding. It was a beautiful Los Angeles day. Lots of people were around.”

Britney’s two baby boys and her bodyguard were nowhere to be seen.

In Kentwood, Louisiana, Britney’s home town, her Aunt Wanda shed some light on what’s going on in Britney’s life right now. She says that Brit was very upset by the death of her Aunt Sandra Bridges Covington who died of cancer in January.


Meanwhile as VIPglamour reported, Esther Tognozzi of Esther’s Haircutting Studio in Tarzana where Spears shaved her head is hawking the left over hair along now with her Red Bull drink and a blue highlighter she left behind. Ester snow says she’ll be donating some of the profits to the Florida based Lock of Love. Brit’s locks won’t be going on sale until 8.30pm tomorrow, but dozens of other prankster are getting in on the act. Hazim Gaber is asking for $1 million for hair he claims his employee snatched off the salon floor but Esther disputes the authenticity of this saying,“It’s pretty crazy all the frauds and stuff that’s out there, They’re not even in our state.”

Although ex husband Kevin Federline could not be reached for comment, Starpulse photographers did manage to get ex Justin Timberlake’s opinion on Britney’s drastic new look. While taking his picutre in West Hollywood on Saturday they asked him, “Justin, did you hear about Britney shaving her head? What do you think about this?”

After about 2 minutes of silence a sad and concerned looking Justin said:

“It was a smart choice, she is starting over, cleaning herself up. It was something you wouldn’t expect most people to do, so she is taking a chance.”
Then an onlooker said:

“Justin how do you think she looks? Many people are having rude comments about it.”

JT replied: “She looks amazing, very GI-Jane, she can pull off anything.”

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