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J-Lo And Marc Antony Purify Themselves With Scientology

February 16th, 2007 · 1 Comment


Despite protests to the contrary, J-Lo and skeleton like husband Marc Antony are taking Scientology classes at the Scientology’s ‘Celebrity Centre’ (what bona fide religion has a separate centre for their celebrity devotees?) in Hollywood.

According to Fox News the two have taken the ‘purification course’ which involves a sauna session. Apparently it cures all ills.

Jennifer is desperate to have a baby and is thought that is the main reason that she joined.

J-Lo’s father was recently revealed as being a Scientologist for the last 20 years. When speaking to the New York Post, J-LO stated she would not be converting from Catholicism. Now according to Fox News sources, “They’re in, there’s not doubt about it”

Either way it looks like they have more in common with new best friends Tom and Katie

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6 Men And A Little Dannielynn

February 16th, 2007 · 6 Comments


Anna Nicole Smith’s lawyer claimed at yesterday’s court hearing over her remains that morbidly the former playmate had picked out a dress for her own burial.

Anna’s estranged mother who hadn’t seen her in 12 years, wants to bury her in Texas where she was born and raised.

Howard K. Stern, lawyer, boyfriend, possible baby daddy no. 1 wants her buried in the Bahamas alongside her son Daniel.

Larry Birkhead, ex boyfriend, possible baby daddy no. 2 wasn’t DNA sample preserved from her for the paternity suit has no real opinion where Anna’s to be buried.

The judge said he wants to show respect to the corpse of Anna,

“”Beauty was important to her. She wants to look beautiful and we want to make sure that occurs.”

The judge said the main focus was to be on baby Dannielynn. Zsa Zsa Gabor’s husband, ‘Prince’ Frederic, possible baby daddy no. 3 has filed legal documents in Califonria seeking a DNA test to determine if he is in fact the daddy.

Possible baby daddy no. 4 is Howard J Marshall (Anna’s dead millionaire husband). Anna’s sister claims that Anna took sperm from him to impregnate herself.

Possible baby daddy no. 5 is her bodyguard, who claims he had a relationship with Anna but has yet to file the necessary legal documents to claim paternity.

And now there’s possible baby daddy no.6. Mark “Hollywood” Hatten who was convicted of making terrorist threats against Anna claims he is the father of little Dannielynn. He claims that he gave Anna a sperm sample when they were going out. He has formally made a request to compare his DNA with Dannielynn’s.

Since none of these people showed face until Anna died except for Stern’s (whose name is on the birthcert but the chances of him being the father are slim to none) and Birkhead’s, VIPglamour’s money is on Larry Birkhead to eventually be revealed as the real baby daddy.

A guardian is being appointed to care for Dannielynn until the case is eventually resolved.

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Paris Gets Stuff Thrown At Her In Vienna

February 16th, 2007 · No Comments


Turns out the people of Vienna aren’t the biggest fans of Paris Hilton. Paris showed up at a mall there to sign autographs but when the crowd started throwing cigarette packs, tissues and lipstick at the heiress, security guards had to pull her away.

Paris is there to attend the Opera ball, don’t get confused though VIPglamour readers she hasn’t developed a cultured palate or anything miraculous like that, she just likes it because it helps her fall asleep:

“As a little girl, it really helped me fall asleep at night”Paris isn’t having a good week in Europe, while in Germany it turned out her passport expired so she needed the US ambassador to Austria to vouch for her. Basically Europe doesn’t want to get stuck with America‘s most infamous heiress.

Paris isn’t having a good week in Europe, while in Germany it turned out her passport expired so she needed the US ambassador to Austria to vouch for her. Basically Europe doesn’t want to get stuck with America‘s most infamous heiress. 

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Renée’s Ex Husband Goes All Out To Demonstrate He’s Straight

February 16th, 2007 · 2 Comments

Renée Zellweger’s ex husband, country music superstar Kenny Chesney is denying the rampant rumours that he’s gay and that was the real reason for their split. He tells Anderson Cooper in a ‘60 Minute’ interview that will air this Sunday.

He says the only reason he split from Renée was that he,

“never understood what it was like to be married”

The Bridged Jones star and Kenney chose to use the reason ‘fraud’ on their annulment papers, a phrase that it is often used to cover up a partner’s homosexuality.

However Kenny says they only used the word ‘fraud’ because,

“we thought the least harmful [reason] as fraud. Boy, were we wrong”.

It seems that Kenny is on the offensive to prove that he’s a red blooded, steak eating, football watching, good ol’ country boy hetrosexual as he’s featured in the 2007 Sports Illustrated with beauty Marissa Miller sporting a hard on.

Seems like he’s really going the extra mile inch to prove his point.

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