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Sports Illustrated 2007

February 15th, 2007 · No Comments


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Anna Nicole Smith: On Drugs While Pregnant And The Nanny’s Claim That She Was Forced To Underfeed The Baby

February 15th, 2007 · No Comments

Today’s update on the Anna Nicole Smith saga takes a malevolent turn.. TMZ claim that they can prove that Anna was methadone while pregnant while her former nanny accuses Anna of starving baby Dannielynn so she would look sexy.

  • TMZ obtained documents including a possible illegal prescription for methadone, an air bill for Deremol, sleeping pills and injectiable vial sof vitamin B12 were sent to Anna (under her legal name Vicki) in the Bahamas

TMZ contacted Dr. Kapoor, a 1996 graduate of Boston University School of Medicine, who said, “No comment and they also contacted Key Pharmacy. The owner said patient privacy laws prevent him from commenting.

This picture shows Dr. Kappor who persrcibed methadone to Anna when she was EIGHT MONTHS PREGNANT with her herat a Gay Pride Parade in Hollywood in 2005:

Perhaps even more shocking is the sworn affidavit by Anna’s former nanny which contains the following allegations:

That Anna forced her to ‘underfeed’ Danneilynn as Anna was obsessed with making sure the baby was ’sexy’ – Anna insisted that the nanny fed her 2.5 ounces every 3 hours instead of the requisite 3 ounces.

That Anna threatened to ’shoot here’ if the Dannielynn ever called her ‘Mummy’

That Anna attempted suicide two times during the short time the Nanny was employed by her

The Nanny also described Anna’s affair with the Bahamian Minister of Immigration, Shane Gibson

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    No Prizes For Lily At The Brits

    February 15th, 2007 · No Comments

    Lily Allen’s scored 0 for 3 at the Brit awards last night confirming her earlier predicitions:

    “When I heard about the nominations I felt like it was a bit of a burden. I hate being in competitions because I never win. I’ll go home with nothing. I just know I will.”
    Maybe she’ll be happy that friend and fellow booze hound Amy Winehouse won for best female over her and the talented Corrine Bailey Rae:
    Maybe she’ll be happy that friend and fellow booze hound Amy Winehouse won for best female over her and the talented Corrine Bailey Rae:“Corinne Bailey Rae? I think she’s a bit boring, sorry. She’s a lovely girl but I don’t think her music stands out and I’d be a bit annoyed if she won Best Female Artist. I’d be really happy if Amy Winehouse wins, though. She’s brilliant.”

    Maybe she’ll be happy that friend and fellow booze hound Amy Winehouse won for best female over her and the talented Corrine Bailey Rae:Full List of Brits Winners:

    British Male Solo Artist James Morrison

    British Female Solo Artist Amy Winehouse

    British Group Arctic Monkeys

    MasterCard British Album Arctic Monkeys
    “Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not”

    British Single Take That “Patience”

    British Breakthrough Act Fratellis

    British Live Act Muse

    International Male Solo Artist Justin Timberlake

    International Female Solo Artist Nelly Furtado

    International Group The Killers

    International Album Killers “Sam’s Town”

    International Breakthrough Act Orson

    Outstanding Contribution to Music Oasis


    • Worst dressed award had to go to Joss Stone, who showed up to present Best Male.  If looking like a Pucci inspired poodle wasn’t enough, she spoke in a fake American accent (she’s from Devon) all night to the bewilderment of the press.


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    Britney’s Close Circle Beg Her to Clean Up Her Act Like Lindsay

    February 15th, 2007 · No Comments


    Britney’s former assistant and close friend, Felicia Culotta is reportedly begging Brit to clean up her hard partying ways and get back to being the Britney of old. US Magazine publish this letter allegedly writted by Felicia:

    I LOVED being with Britney for the past 9 1/2 years. I enjoyed being a part of HER dream, but now, am living my own dream. I cherish ALL the incredible opportunities that came my way thru my job with Britney and am crushed/saddened/heart sick by the way her life is unfolding…I want you to know that WE (as in her Family and nearest and dearest—ALL of whom are NOT on the payroll anymore!!) are doing EVERYTHING in our power to get help for Britney and all in our power to NOT pad the bottom or move the bottom, so when she does indeed hit rock bottom, she’ll stand up and walk away from this whole fiasco a new, confident, changed, career driven Britney like we all knew and loved.

    To see what’s transpiring now, makes me feel a failure, defeated. I LOVED and BELIEVED in what I was a part of for the past 10 years and was so incredibly proud of Britney and all she’d become.

    Although Britney is an easy target as evidenced by her recent stripping in clubs, puking over herself debacles but she still is a mother of two young babies and for that VIPglamour hopes Britney takes the advice of those close to her that care and books herself a place alongside Lindsay at the Wonderland clinic. 

    Reports are circling that the equally party loving Lindsay is showing remarkable improvement and recent picutres on the set of her new movie show her looking happy and relaxed. 

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