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Joe Francis Recommend’s One Night In Paris

February 1st, 2007 · No Comments



Joe Francis -appeared on The Howard Stern Show yesterday to talk about Parisexposed as rumours are growing that it is Joe and Paris who are behind the infamous site.

Francis claimed that the man who was behind the tapes tried to extort for him $7 million and when he refused to pay, released the videos. He said he had the copyright to the tapes so he thought he should be getting money from them. He acknowledge he had sex with heiress Paris but denied ever being with the Wonderland’s clinic favourite patient Lindsay Lohan.

When Howard asked who was the best sexual partner he ever had, he named Paris, which might come as a surprise to anyone who’s ever seen One Night In Paris.

Francis then suggested that people visit the website to see how good she was themselves. Odd seeing as he’s claiming he’s going to sue them. This led Howard to suggest that Joe was the one behind the site, which of course he denied.

When asked who was the worst in bed of all the famous girls he’s bedded, he said former party girl Tara Reid.

When asked why he mumbled, “well I…used protection with her, so maybe that it less pleasurable’. Maybe Joe should invest in some of Paris’s herpes medication.

Shock jock Howard pressed Francis further on why Tara was so bad and asked was it because “she just laid there?…was it because she had a big smelly loose v****a?”

Joe responded, “more or less, yeah”.

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Lindsay Craving Sex and McDonalds

February 1st, 2007 · 1 Comment


Lindsay Lohan is finding that being in rehab there are certain things you don’t have access to, specifically junk food and sex. US Magazine is reporting that since entering the Wonderland clinic she has been texting every starlet’s fall back guy, Brody Jenner. His ex girlfriends include, Kristen Cavallari, Nicole Ritchie and Lauren Conrad. Lindsay texts to Brody last Saturday night included her telling him that all she wanted was,

“Mc Donald’s and sex”.When US Magazine approached Jenner for comment, all he had to say was,

When US Magazine approached Jenner for comment, all he had to say was,“Sorry dude. I don’t text and tell”.What a gent.

What a gent.

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Kate To Distance Herself From Junkie Pete

February 1st, 2007 · No Comments


Kate Moss is apparently none too happy with her junkie boyfriend, Pete Doherty after seeing the report in The Sun yesterday which showed Pete shooting up in Thailand. The Daily Telegraph reports today that a source close to Kate says:

“Kate is understandably livid about these pictures. That they were taken just two days after their special commitment ceremony simply adds insult to injury. Of course Kate still loves Pete and vice-versa but she’s a clever woman and knows that she has got to put her career first. Kate needs to start looking after herself – or at least be seen to be doing so – and has been strongly advised to take some time off from Pete. This means not getting herself photographed with him and certainly no raucous nights out – at least until the fuss has all died down a bit.”

Kate’s relationship with Pete is starting to take its toll on her and is even affecting her modelling career. Rimmel are rumoured to be on the verge of dumping her because her party lifestyle has left her face looking too ‘old’.

These latest picture of Pete shooting up cocaine come not even a year after he pleaded guilty to seven charges of drug possession and was sentenced leniently to a year of rehabilitation.
Peter Stoker, from the National Drugs Prevention Alliance is quoted in The Telegraph:

“Peter Doherty clearly has his own problems but what concerns us more is that he’s encouraging other people to develop their own drug problems in the future and that can’t be right.

“He should have been required by the courts to attend residential rehab – not for just a few weeks but for several months – to help him live his life more healthily and less destructively”

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Britney Is Spotted At The Big “T” (a.k.a Targét)

February 1st, 2007 · No Comments

Britney Spears













          There are exclusive photos of Britney Spears lurking around the Internet with the pop star shopping at Target. There are some celebrities will have a conniption about publicly (or privately) shopping at Target. As for Britney, she takes it all in stride.

          Target is a trendy discount store that is clean and very reasonable (compared those high-end department stores in the malls). People often make fun of Britney. If she continues to shop at places like this, she will always be rich.

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Jermaine’s Latest Crusade

February 1st, 2007 · 2 Comments

 Jermaine and wife, Helmina

Jermaine Jackson, older brother of superstars Michael and Janet Jackson, is embarking on a new campaign.
          After he finished his stint on The UK reality show, Celebrity Big Brother, Jackson will conduct an anti-bullying campaign around schools, according to a Michael Jackson newsletter.
          Jackson and his colleague, Matt Fiddes (also a bodyguard to Michael Jackson) will start the campaign in several towns in the UK before moving down to London.

          Shilpa Shetty1                                        
The Anti-bullying campaign was inspired by an incident that happened on Celebrity Big Brother involving Bollywood Actress, Shilpa Shetty, and several other housemates. The actress was bullied by several housemates as they hurled racist remarks at her. Jermaine came to her rescue and became a peacemaker in the house, helping to bring harmony in the home for Shetty and the other participants on Celebrity Big Brother.
          More details of Jermaine’s campaign will be available soon.

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