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Jennifer Aniston Gets A New Nose

January 24th, 2007 · 2 Comments. Joy Quillinan reports. Aniston Gets A New Nose  digg:Jennifer Aniston Gets A New Nose  spurl:Jennifer Aniston Gets A New Nose  simpy:Jennifer Aniston Gets A New Nose  newsvine:Jennifer Aniston Gets A New Nose  furl:Jennifer Aniston Gets A New Nose  reddit:Jennifer Aniston Gets A New Nose  Y!:Jennifer Aniston Gets A New Nose

jennifer aniston

According to US Magazine, Jennifer Aniston has put herself back under the knife. Reportedly Jennifer is turning to the same surgeon that Ashlee Simpson and Cameron Diaz have used, Dr. Raj Kanodia. Their sources claim that the Friends Star was dropped off by her driver at Kanoida’s office early in the morning on January 20th.

“The actress emerged four hours later, but instead of her usual golden glow, she sported fresh black-and-blue bruises along her right eyebrow and across the tip of her nose and upper lip. “

Jennifer’s rep confirmed that she had a, “procedure done to correct a deviated septum that was incorrectly done over 12 years ago”.

US sources close to the actress say that, “Jen has hated her nose ever since her first nose job…She always said how lousy it was and that her nose was still too wide”.

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